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5 Tips to Effectively Use Your Social Media Efforts to Drive Sales

Posted by Niki Pacheco on Mar 15, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Social-media.jpgWith social media now an integral part of the majority of the public, it is crucial for companies to keep their social media game up through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, Peach and the like. The list is never-ending, and so are the sales opportunities tied with them.

According to Social Media Marketing Report (2015), 86% of the marketers rely on social media as a sales generating tool. Moreover, 89% of the businesses who are selling their products have reported a significant increase in their sales after getting properly acquainted with the intricacies of social media. It is an ongoing process and hence, marketers have also been reporting tremendous benefits that they have achieved through effective usage of the medium.

The reason why social media sales campaigns are so widely popular and beneficial is because they add on to the credibility of the company. It is a medium to advertise yourself without discrediting your competitor, leading towards a better work relationship and healthy competition.  Also, people from all genders, age groups, and classes use social media and are quite literally addicted to it in most cases. It helps the marketer in creating a recurrent effect. When you keep seeing something again and again, you are most likely going to end up buying them.

Following are a few tips to maximize the benefits you reap with this new 21st century trend.

Understand Your Target Audience

If you are selling a trendy poncho on LinkedIn, the chances of its selling would be extremely rare. You should know that your kind of audience is waiting for you at Pinterest. Similarly, you cannot sell tickets to a particular event on Twitter. Hardly anyone would see  your tweet. Understanding your target audience and then choosing the best available source is crucial to increased sales.

Create a Brand of Your Product or Service

You cannot just go out randomly on social media with a page hoping that you can maximize the results. Your product should have a persona that has to be felt by the audience. It should be general enough so that everyone can relate to it and specific enough to maintain its individuality. If you are offering the masses something extraordinary through your product, no one can beat you in the social media sales game.


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Be a People's Person

Your brand on social media should not be perceived by general public as something to revere; rather it should descend from the throne and mix with the people. Try to build relationships with your target audience by gaining their trust. If they trust you, they’ll buy everything that you have to offer. Also, make sure that you flatter your customers through personalized messages and offers.

Lure the Audience

You have to be very generous when it comes to social media. Offer your customers with discounted coupons, free shipping and gift baskets. Make them feel as if they are the most important personalities to your organization. This would make your sales skyrocket.

Master the Game

Before diving into the complex labyrinth of social media sales, you need to master the rules of the game. There are analytics available for all the sites that can significantly help you increase your outreach amongst the masses. The more people see you, the more you would be able to sell.

It is always prudent to available social media for sales purposes and it is even smarter to update yourselves to the current analytics, so as to ensure proper regulation of your marketing strategies.


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