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October 20, 2016

3 Essential Front End Development Tools to Boost Your Productivity

hands on the table discussing CSS on laptop

If you’re developing a website with a tight deadline there are amazing tools that can help you boost your productivity. Assuming that you’re already knowledgeable with HTML5 / CSS, listed below is a CSS framework that you can use and CSS pre-processor language to choose from. Lets unveil the 3 essential front end development tools, shall we?


CSS Framework:


One of the most remarkably handy and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier responsive web development. Bootstrap utilizes LESS CSS and SASS CSS, and is compiled via Node. This wonderful framework will save you a load amount of time and effort when building responsive websites. I mean, it has built-in classes, very customizable, extremely neat when it comes to the aspect of design and the best part of all it's very documented. The only thing you will need to know are listed on the documentation. They have sample codes that you can try. This will allow you to easily understand the component you are using.


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CSS preprocessor language:


Tired of a repetition of classes and ID's when creating CSS? Well, here’s LESS, which makes everything easier when it comes to creating a style sheet. It’s almost a dream come true for every developer that someday there’s a way to create functions on CSS so they will not repeat every single line just for declaration of parent’s classes. LESS has variables where a function called Mixins can create a block of style such as using a function in PHP with parameters. Just re-declare it to a LESS block and add values as an argument.

LESS has its own compiler that converts it into a CSS file and use it on your site.

If you want more insight, visit: http://lesscss.org/



SASS is strikingly similar to LESS, however, it's exceptionally flexible than LESS. SASS is known for programming unlike LESS. It includes if/the/else statements, for loops, while loops, and each loops. LESS also has this feature, but let’s accept the fact that SASS exceeds flexibility.  Also, SASS allows more variety of math equations as well as a higher quality selector nesting that can assist you with keeping your style sheets in line. Overall, SASS offers advanced language features and capabilities. You can choose what to use and what suits you best.

SASS can be hard to compile for windows user because unlike LESS there's GUI applications that are very user friendly. SASS is quite different due to the fact you will need to install Ruby on your machine and most developers use command line to compile it.


SASS, LESS and Bootstrap are amazing tools if you're looking to make your life easier by shaving off time when developing a website. They also promote easier read structure! I find them to be quite useful in unique ways and highly recommend that you give it a try! 

If you want more insight, visit: http://sass-lang.com/


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