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5 Cutting-Edge Graphic Design Trends Making a Big Splash in 2020

Posted by Marisa Soliz on Jan 3, 2020 2:38:00 PM

It is an exciting time to be a part of... the dawn of a new decade! The year 2020 has already been showing signs of a great new era of graphic design. It is a time where designers are busting through the status quo and creating new and fresh designs. These are the top 5 design trends for 2020.

  1. Monochromatic Images
  2. Simplified Gradients
  3. Muted and Neutral Colors
  4. Abstract Illustrations and Line Drawings in conjunction with photography
  5. Modernized Art Deco 

1. Monochromatic Images

There was a huge craze of duotone images during 2018/19 that has transitioned to monochromatic imagery for the new decade. Overall, design is moving onto the very edge of fantasy and reality... so, removing the original color from the photograph helps to push the visual imagination past its limits.

Below, you will find a classic example of a purple-toned monochromatic image. 



In the example below, two different monochromatic images were juxtaposed together. The abstract elements help to create depth between all of the pieces.



Take a look at the cityscape in the image below. The graphic designer converted it to a monochrome image giving the piece a surreal look and feel.


Apple is leading the monochromatic trend with their grey on black iphone imagery. Event the water splash blends into the black background with its beautiful transparency.


2. Simplified Gradients

Last year, in 2019, we saw tons of gradients in the background. These gradients were bright with multiple colors blending into eachother. Now, in 2020, we will be seeing much more simplified gradients. The gradients will be used in creative ways inside of an image instead of just as the background. They will be more muted colors as you can see in the examples below.


Take a look at how the gradient is used as a flowing art element from the two digital screens. The designer used muted colors and only combined a couple of colors together for each gradient.


This image uses simple gradients throughout the image in the water, the sky and the rocks. It makes a 2d image pop with dimension.






3. Muted and Neutral Colors

The shift from bright to muted will be in full force for 2020. The goes with the general theme of vintage for the new era 20's. I've even heard mentions of the roaring 20s! The mixing the old with the modern is definitely trending.

In the image below you will see the combination of muted blue with simplistic geometric shapes. This shapes creates a vintage feel that is eye-catching.


This is an interior of a restaurant. You will notice the muted color palette with the color of the wals, floors and lamps. there is a lot of this muted color palette in Instagram where there are filters that can change any color scheme to something more neutral.


Apple is always on the edge of what is trending. You can see in their new releases of apple watches that the colors of the bands are muted and earthy. 



4. Abstract Illustrations and Line Drawings

As AR technology advances more and more by the day, we see this juxtaposition of reality versus fantasy. Abstract illustrations are becoming very simplified in 2020. Line drawings will be seen more and more on packaging, magazines and billboards. It is easy to animate line drawings so they are being used extensively in digital marketing to catch the consumer's attention.

In the illustration below, you can see the muted tones of the over-simplifed image of a woman sitting on the grass, holding a globe. Most all of it is in 2D and the muted color palette goes along with the current trend. 


The pattern below is a good example of a simplified 2D illustration that shows depth through color and placement.


Below, is a perfect example of combining the real with the fantasy. For the women to stand out, the designer chose to put them in black and white and used soft, neutral colors to provide shapes that would create depth in the 4 scenes. This example also uses line art to draw the eye's attention to certain elements of the composition.


Below, you will find a prime example of the use of simplified line art in packaging design. The simplicity of the drawings convey the real fruit that is used to flavor this drink. These elements can also be used in their digital marketing strategy as an animation.


Again, here is an example of combining the real photography with the illustration. The designer added simplified line drawings to convey the message of the successful students on these two magazine covers. 




5. Modernized Art Deco

Metallics are back with a vengeance in 2020. They are bold and they are shiny.  Some say this trend is a nod to the art deco era of the 1920's but the mix of the new modernism really brings a new meaning to Art Deco.

The logo below for Coco Mood








2020 is going to be a great start to a new decade for the branding and digital marketing world. We are lucky to be a part of it!


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