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Niki Pacheco
October 02, 2018

Blog Mistakes: What We Learned About Letting Your Blog Go Dark

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There was one point several years ago the Kulture Konnect Blog went dark for a few months. This is a classic example of "Do as I say and not as I do!"... Please, don't ever let your blog go dark for three long months as we have done. Of course, there are a bazillion reasons why we put a tragic halt to our content marketing machine like getting too busy to manage the content, prioritizing our client work over our own marketing, scrambling to get everything done before the holidays, etc. As they say though, hindsight is 20/20 and looking back today, those excuses seem to be small potatoes. After looking at our website analytics (comparing/contrasting, before and after), we learned some lessons the hard way and we want to share these lessons with all of you in the hopes of inspiring you to keep chugging along the content marketing train. Here is what we noticed when looking at our metrics over our dark period.

1. Your optimized content from the past will continue to generate website traffic and leads

First and foremost, we learned first-hand how content marketing with focus on strategic keywords can keep working for you even when you go dark. You can see in the graph below that we are receiving 100.98% more visits this January than we did last January. Of course, the over achiever in me thinks, "wow, I wonder what our website traffic would be if we were actually pushing out content?" Alas, we shall never know!A blue graph with a date indicated

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2. You will drop in your google rankings

Google recognizes consistent blogging where content is pushed out on a consistent basis about the same topics all year long. The key here is "consistent blogging" Be sure you do not overcommit when you decide to start blogging because it will hurt your google rankings. It is better to blog only once a week and know that you will hit that mark every week than to push for three a week and sometimes only get out one a week. Your blog post needs to be published on the same day/s of the week so the crawlers and creepers can follow your content easily and push you up the ranks. Over our three-month dark period, all of our keyword rankings dropped drastically and it will the next few months to slowly crawl back up to the top.

3. If you are going to let your blog go dark, at least be sure to go on an awesome vacation!

Now, dropping off the content marketing planet does not warrant a vacation in the least, but, when you must relax and regroup, why not do it when your blog is dark. Of course, I would recommend planning ahead and preparing your content before you leave for your awesome vacation! Again, "Do as I say and not as I do!" Coming soon we will offer some tips on how to avoid falling off the content marketing bandwagon in the future. In the meantime, check out where we were at the end of December! (I'm the one in the coconut bra and Jorge is the guy without his shirt off! He! he!)

Random day pictures


Part of being in business is the learning through the hard knocks. I hope you have seen through our mistakes, what you need to try and avoid at all costs for your own brand. When you decide to publish a blog for your company, you are entering into commitment to push out content on a regular basis. When things go crazy and you stop blogging for awhile... just pause, reflect, move on and get back to blogging!

Here we are, back to blogging with a year full of wonderful articles planned for our readers. Thank you for your undying support and I am officially committed to blogging consistently this year and all future years for that matter!

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