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Niki Pacheco
September 04, 2018

6 Creative Restaurant Blog Ideas to Get You Started

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Conventional wisdom may have told you that writing is a good habit. In today’s digital world, however, and especially in case of restaurant businesses, this statement holds true to a greater extent. Blogging is one of the most efficient ways to improve your search engine ranking.

One of the biggest challenges most restaurant owners and managers face is deciding on what to write on. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a look at 5 great blog post ideas that help improve a restaurant’s marketing:

Help! I’m Hungry!

This can be a general blog post that introduces your restaurant and popular menu items. It can end with a strong call-to-action, such as “for a hunger emergency, dial 123-456-7891.”

5 Qualities of a Good Restaurant

Focus on what makes your restaurant special: the food, the service, the ambiance, the location and any other factor you can think of. Use food images to captivate your readers.

How to Choose the Right Restaurant?

You can introduce funny infographics here to create a decision process one has to undergo before deciding whether to go for fast food, Chinese, Mexican or Continental.

 >> Free Download! Learn 10 things that you can cut from your Restaurant Marketing

10 things to cut from your restaurant marketing

15 Years and Counting: An Insight to Lorem Ipsum Bar

If you’ve been in the business for long, why not share your success stories with your clients to motivate and entice them to come and visit? Simply replace Lorem Ipsum Bar with your restaurant name and share your story. 

The Perfect Friday Night Out

Interact with the readers. Talk to them on a personal level. Give them your view on how to spend the perfect Friday night (go to movies, watch a game and spend time with a loved one). Make sure to include “visit our restaurant and why” as your last point.

The Right Drink for the Right Moment

There’s a perfect drink for every moment: hanging out with the squad (beer), proposing or making a toast (Champaign) and getting over your ex (whiskey). It’s a funny blog to attract people to your bar.

>> Free Download! Learn 10 things that you can cut from your Restaurant Marketing
10 things to cut from your restaurant marketing

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