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Niki Pacheco
March 08, 2016

10 Quick Blog Ideas for Your Restaurant Marketing

taking a photo of a dessertBlogs are the best way to drive traffic to our website, so why don’t more restaurants use this wonderful tool? Many of our clients wonder what they could possibly write about. So we took to the streets and asked people what they wanted to hear from their favorite restaurants. Below, you will find 8 blog post topics that you can create hundreds of blog titles from.


Recipe of the week

The internet is the go-to place to search for recipes. So, the most important thing you can do for your blog is fill it with wonderfully easy recipes that will be helpful for the home cooks.

Sample Blog Titles

Recipe of the Week: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

5 Make Ahead Recipes for the Big Day

The Quickest Potato Casserole Recipe for Those Busy Days


Behind the scenes stories

Restaurant patrons want to feel that they are connected to the restaurant so they love to hear all of the behind-the-scene events that happen. For example, you could write about something that went on in the kitchen that day or some funny things that the wait staff were asked during their shift.

Sample Blog Titles

10 Things I Learned from the Western Food Expo

Installation of the New Freezer: A Behind the Scenes Peek

Sneak Peak of Today Kitchen Prep


Specials of the Week

The blog is the perfect platform to push out information on what your new specials are of each week. This will keep people coming back to your blog often to see what’s new. Don’t forget to include mouth-watering images!

Sample Blog Titles

Specials of the Week

Winter Specials

Prix Fixe Menu Available! Limited Time Only


Staff Interviews

People like to know what the key players of the restaurant think. What better way to It could be as simple as sharing a monthly post with thoughts from the owner or thoughts from the chef on a specific topic.

Sample Blog Titles

Raising Minimum Wage: Thoughts from our owner and our chef

Chef Smith’s List of Top Pantry Essentials

How Hostess Hannah Handles Stress on a Busy Evening


10 things to cut from your restaurant marketing


Special Events

What better way to announce all of the restaurant’s special events than to write about all of the details on your blog? You can even attached the event flyer for people who are interested in all of the details.

Sample Blog Title

Join Us Easter Day for an Extravagant Sunday Brunch

DJ Spin Coming to Spin Your Socks Off

Poetry Contest Coming this Thursday Night


Ingredient sourcing

Everyone loves to know where their food is coming from. Rumor has it that restaurant goers in Oregon are all about locally sourced ingredients and will even leave a restaurant if something comes from further than 50 miles away! Now we do not all live in Oregon, but we do love when ingredients come from close by!

Sample Blog Title

Strawberries Sourced from Local Farm: Strawberry Fields Farm

Top 5 Local Farms We Love

8 Ways to Stretch your Budget at the Farmer’s Market


Menu building process

Something that seems so normal to you can be very interesting to people who do not know the ins and outs of the restaurant industry. This can include fun facts on how a menu is built and the importance of switching around menu items on a regular basis.

Sample Blog Titles

Reasons Your Menu is Not Bringing in Customers

5 Signs That it is Time to Cut Out a Menu Item

3 Recipes That Did Not Make the Cut

Kitchen tips

Being in the cooking industry, restaurants can offer a lot of wonderful advice for amateurs who love to cook. These tips could range from how to cut 20 pounds of brussels sprouts all the way to the best cheese options for everyone’s favorite comfort dish: Mac n’ Cheese.

Sample Blog titles

How to Truss a Chicken for Roasting in Under a Minute

5 Tips on How to Hold a Knife Properly

10 Quick Tips on Making Merengue


Do not delay another day in building your blog to begin pushing traffic to your site.  Click on the image below to find out what 10 things you should be cutting from your restaurant marketing!


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