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August 30, 2018

Understanding & Analyzing the Top Social Media Metrics

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Your social media metrics have been around as long as you can remember but even with that said, so many restaurateurs have never really mastered what to do with their monthly data and how to get the most out of it. Which is why Kulture Konnect's co-founder, Jorge Pacheco, offered a free webinar this past Tuesday titled, "Restaurants 101: How to Analyze Your Social Media Metrics Like a Marketing Pro," to share with restaurateurs the tools to understand and utilize their social media metrics like a marketing pro.

Each month, our team prepares a social media report for our social media clients and at some point we asked ourselves, as much as we prepare and meet with clients to go over numbers, do restaurant owners truly understand what these numbers mean?

Kulture Konnect wants to help restaurants utilize their social media marketing to it's full potential. This webinar will give restaurant owners a clear understanding of how to read monthly social media metrics, teach them which metrics matter the most, why they matter, and how they can make the most of these metrics proving ROI.

Let's Rewind

Jorge went through the most important parts of your social media metrics: 

  • Why your social media metrics are beneficial to your social media efforts. Jorge explains how analyzing your social media marketing helps you understand the behavior of your customers and potential customers in order to make educated marketing decisions. As well as how your metrics will help you improve your strategy.
  • The top 5 social media metrics you should be tracking. Jorge goes into depth about the most important metrics and reminds us that depending on what type of goals you are trying to reach, will determine which metrics you should be paying attention to. He also provides clear examples. 
  • How these metrics will help you increase your social media presence. He talks about organic reach. What metrics to look at and questions to ask yourself when reviewing or auditing your social media content.
  • A bonus tip that only the marketing pros know. Hint: Google Analytics. How does Google Analytics play a part in social media? Take a moment to watch and learn.

Meet the Speaker 

Jorge Pacheco image

Some of you might be wondering who is Jorge Pacheco? And if he's qualified to give social media advice? Here's a little run down. Jorge is the co-founder/creative director of Kulture Konnect Marketing and Design Studio. He is also known as a restaurant marketing expert who has been working with well-known restaurants and other brands/industries for almost 14 years. Pacheco earned his Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design in 2004 and his Master's degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing in 2012. Jorge also has been a restaurant marketing presenter at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo in Los Angeles in 2016 and just recently continued as a presenter at this year's 2018 expo, discussing the benefits of social media marketing. 

Who Should Watch this Webinar

Restaurateurs, restaurant owners, restaurant marketing and social media professionals 

  • Who want to streamline their social media metrics.
  • Who want to increase their social media presence and improve their strategy.
  • Who are struggling to understand social media metrics and which metrics to focus on.

Watch this webinar below.


Includes a report template along with a step-by-step guide to social media reporting and social media metrics. Download here.

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