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July 26, 2018

3 Ways How to Build & Increase Your Brand's Reach

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Growing a brand's reach is every social media manager's goal. But, social media's landscape can be quite confusing for brands to grasp and understand the differences between organic and paid advertising. Particularly in the systems that are in place by individual social media platforms. So, let's talk about each option: 

Organic Reach

Organic reach is basically the number of people your post will reach based on your current number of followers. As a rule of thumb, about 1% of your followers will organically see your posts, which means that, if you have 1,000 followers, you can expect 10 people to organically see any given post in their news feed. Also, Facebook just relaunched their news feed algorithm earlier in 2018 with a focus on ranking users' news feed content based on how they connect and interact instead of blind media consumption and isolation. 

What this means is that organic reach will become more competitive in terms of type of content, type of media (video vs. still image vs. text only) and user interaction. 

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Paid Ads

Since an organic strategy will limit social media reach, it is always recommended to implement paid ads and post boosting's to help boost the growth of your brand on all platforms. This is essentially no different than traditional media outlets like television or radio. Where ever there is a large congregation of people and businesses who want to directly, or indirectly, have a presence in front of them, there is going to be a high price to reach them. Understanding that Facebook is a business and is not going to allow other businesses to easily build large followings is an essential point for brands to understand when they are entering the social media landscape. With that said, understanding how each of the social media platforms algorithms work is essential to be able to define a clear and engaging message as well as a the type of media to be used and, most importantly, whether you'll be paying for ads or boosting's. 

Brands Reach

To wrap it up, it is much harder for brands to grow a following organically. It is always recommended to work with a mix of paid advertising strategy and, as some big brands do it, with social media personalities to help influence users and indirectly advertise to thousands of followers. After the basic understanding of the governing bodies of social media, then one can start to devise the proper strategy.

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