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July 24, 2018

Developing the Right Voice for Social Media Response Management

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When people communicate on social media, often times, their personality shows through. Whether it's from the style of media they post or how they respond and comment, every person has a unique personality, or "voice," they use on social media. Businesses are no different, every brand has a voice and personality that their audience can relate to. 

There are several brands that focus on posting content, but often miss their target when it comes to defining their own personality and lose the connection of loyal followers. However, businesses can re-ignited this connection through powerful and relevant conversations, which is only possible with a response management solution.

What is Social Media Response Management? 

Response management is the ability of a brand to manage the communication between  customers and social media users while never breaking from the brand's personality. This can be a very tricky tight rope as often times a brand's social media is run part-time by an employee or a social media coordinator who does not fully understand the brand's voice or audience. 

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Think about the times you've had conversations with other businesses. A certain level of discretion can be expected depending on where you go and the service or product being provided. Going to an investment firm to talk about your financial future will carry a completely different tone of diction than going down to a local mall to buy clothes. It often gets glossed over but customers can even project this level of voice onto a business simply from their own expectation.

This stresses the importance that a business understands their personality and how they want to display themselves on social media. The inclusion of a brand's personality will indirectly convey the level of communication and tone one could expect if a comment left on social media turns into a conversation.

Establishing Your Brand's Voice

The whole point of social media is to connect with others of similar interest and communicate with them, and knowing who your brand is as an entity is the priority. With a good voice and a defined response management strategy, users will flock to brands they associate themselves with to connect with others who support the brand and, of course, the brand itself. 

All this interaction will come with questions, comments, complaints, compliments, etc... Thus the established brand personality must be present to engage fluidly. It should match your brand while still being able to effectively interact with all of your customers and followers.

Effective Response Management 

The importance of communication on social media cannot be overstated when it comes to brands having a presence on any social media platform. So, whenever a brand cannot express themselves correctly with the millions of users on social media, there's going to be issues. An effective response management strategy should cover these basic three steps: 

  1. Discover and track relevant conversations
  2. Monitor and analyze negative and positive conversations to identify opportunities of improvement and brand value
  3. Almost real-time responses and conversations

This process must be well analyzed by your marketing team to create the "voice" you feel is most appropriate for your brand. If you are still concerned about how to discover your brand's voice, the marketing team at Kulture Konnect has the experience to help you reach your marketing goals. Learn more about our social media response management service here

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