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June 21, 2018

[Guest Blog:] 6 Effective Tips How to Build a Social Media Following

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It’s undeniable that social media becomes a huge part of everyone’s life, almost. Simply because it serves a variety of purpose - it can be as a form of learning tool where you can learn everything that’s happening to your friends/family or community, or use it for marketing products/services.

But no matter how people use their social media account, in the end, they are all still aiming for one goal - building a strong social media following. Some people successfully achieved this goal, but there are some who are still wondering how they do it.

If you search online, it will show you plenty of ways on how to build it. Are they effective? The best way to find out is by trying it yourself. But if you landed on this article, you only have to read 6 methods and we can guarantee their effectively.

6 effective tips on how to build a strong social media following


1. Create Share-Worthy Content

Content is the main reason why people continue visiting your profile. Therefore, if you want others to follow you make sure to create share-worthy content.

Characteristic of share-worthy content:

One way to get people’s attention is by showing them how passionate you are in your niche. You can deliver this by letting your enthusiasm be shown on the content you created.

The state of enthusiasm is known for being contagious and always resulted in having a positive influence on one's lives. Once the audience feels this emotion on your content, they’ll surely follow your profile and look for more content.

It must be compelling:

Engaging content always gains positive feedback from the audience. It doesn’t always have to focus on your products/services, it can be any post that you think can inspire others to smile.

It must provide value to your audience:

The common reason people are searching online is to find answers to their questions or needs. So if you have a product or service to offer, the ideal topic for your content is the problems where your product or service can be handy to use.

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2. Network with Influencers

Just like in the real world, if you want to be popular you have to make a connection with the right people. In social media, the people you have to connect with are called influencers.

You can connect with them by sharing their content, commenting on their posts and engaging them to converse with you. Successfully doing this will give you an opportunity to be exposed on a large number of new audiences.

Do you have to follow them all? As a general rule of thumb, you have to follow influencers that are in the same industry or niche as you are. This way your content will remain relevant.

3. Create Your Own Videos

A video is another way on how to deliver your content to your audience. And with today’s trend, it is shown that people appreciate it more compared to the traditional written content. This is for the reason that videos are more memorable and engaging. 

Because of this, many labeled video as the newest king of all content. Creating it requires more time, skill and appropriate equipment for video creation unlike when you write it. But with the traffic it can produce, all efforts are well-paid.

4. Use quality hashtags

A hashtag plays an important role in social media. This is because it is your way to find information, reach your target audience, connect your products/services to your industry niche, and help your audience identify your products/services easily.

In short, your social media following wouldn’t grow that far without a good quality hashtag included in your content.

The best way to find relevant hashtag is by using common industry terms, check the trending topic on your niche, or use analytic tools to find the set of keywords that most companies on your industry are using.

5. Get Visual

Aside from written and video content, sharing images are also an effective way to boost your content in social media. You can share various types of images like an infographic, events’ photos, or photos of satisfied customers.

Just ensure that all images that you will share are original, provide value and clearly shows your logo or company name. You can also share free stock images, but it wouldn’t receive much traffic compared to personal-owned images.

6. Be Active & Engaged

Social media is all about engagement and it’s happening in a fast-paced environment. So if you want to maintain your profile visible in search engine results, you have to keep up and stay active.

Posting regularly is the only way to keep your profile active. If you don’t have the time to post regularly, it’s best to use the scheduling feature of that platform or any third-party application. This way you can control all your post and when they will be posted.

But even you’re scheduling your post, don’t forget to interact with your audience. This is to ensure that your connection will remain intact.

Author's Bio

George MintonGeorge has been a camera enthusiast since 2008. Camera Seals is his personal blog where he shares most of his interests and experiences from using cameras. You will find helpful topics even if you're a beginner or long-time user.

Need assistance with growing your social media audience? We can help. Contact us today (951) 479-5411 or email us with your questions at info@kulturekonnect.com

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