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Niki Pacheco
December 20, 2016

Announcing the Website Launch of Animal & Insect Pest Management

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We are proud to announce the website launch of Animal & Insect Pest Management's brand new website MyAIPM.com. We are honored that AIPM has picked Kulture Konnect for the second time in a row for their website redesign. We are always striving for long-term client relationships and this is one we absolutely are thankful for.

For this particular client, time is always passing at warp speed. So, when we mentioned that their website might be due for an update they were amazed that 5 years had already passed since the original site was built. In 5 years, web design changes drastically and it is easy to pick out the old websites versus the new.

Working on the design build was one of the smoothest processes we have been through. Due to the client's trust in our work and expertise, we were really allowed to take the reins and run with it. The result is a very functional and aesthetically-pleasing website. Many times, when there are lots of hands in the decision-making pot, designs tend to morph into a conglomeration of what everyone wants instead of the intended purpose of creating a strategized solution for the target market.  


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Not in this case! This time around, we were  focused on building the web traffic and the SEO for AIPM. We are looking forward to seeing big online growth in the future ahead of us.

Our very own web designers, Kents Herrero and Marco Gaviola, worked endless hours to perfect the site's design and development.  


AIPM's very own Manager and Business Developer, Paul Townsend shares his thoughts about Kulture Konnect and the website launch.


KK: What is your best memory of working on this website project?

My favorite memory was the initial debut of their version of the project. It was not what we expected, but it was exactly what we needed.


KK: What advice would you give to future Kulture Konnect clients when they begin working on a website project?

Let Kulture Konnect design and give you examples. We try to give them guidelines to what we wanted  and it wasn't turning out well until we let them do what they needed to do.  The final product was excellent.


KK: What kind of benefits has the website delivered in terms of your sales goals?

It's too new for results yet, but we look forward to being able to easily make changes to our website and have a fluid field and website connection.


Here are a few words from our Web Designer, Kents!


KK: What was your biggest challenge during the development of the site?

KH: As my first site, almost everything was a challenge; but the most challenging for me was the initial design of the blog page as it was left up to me! Thankfully, it was later redesigned and boy does it look better now! 


KK: What is one thing you've learned?

KH: If there's one thing I learned, there's always room for improvement... always!


KK: What was the funniest thing that occurred during the development stage?

KH:  I can remember  when I was testing out a video post. For this to happen I had to grab a video from Vimeo, how any user would, and put it in a post. I just visited Vimeo and grabbed the first video I found, not even noticing that it was inappropriate content! 


KK: Can you share the most enjoyable part of developing the site?

KH: I enjoyed learning all the facts about icky bugs and pests that only people like pest control experts would know! 


KK: Would you enjoy  developing another site like this one?

KH: Certainly! Developing sites like this one that offers good service and lets you learn about things you never would have is never a bad thing.


KK: What was your most unforgettable experience during the development of the site?

KH: Since this was my first site, my most unforgettable experience was learning everything that I didn't even think I would touch before or was too hard for me, then finding out I could do them just as easily as the next guy could, if not even better!


Looking for a professional to design and launch your website? Visit our portfolio for a glimpse of our work here: http://kulturekonnect.com/category/marketing-portfolio/website-design/

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