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Jorge Pacheco
June 30, 2015

10 Reasons Affordable Web Design is Hard To Find

Most people are familiar with the adage “you get what you pay for.” In essence, if something is noticeably inexpensive, the quality may also be suspect. This idea permeates much of the consumer landscape and, in regards to web design, it couldn’t be more true. Of course, there are options for reducing costs, but shooting for a affordable web design but expecting a high quality product can be a set up for failure. Here are some critical reasons why aligning your requirements with the proper design team will give you both the desired results.

1. Is Affordable Also of Value?

When considering designing or updating your website, most consumers look at the price point first for their decision process.  But, if cost is all you consider you are most likely missing value in the equation. Value is a metric derived from what you pay versus what you get in return. Therefore, regardless if the price is low medium or high, the value is in the interest generated to your website. Consider the cost as an investment. If the cost is reasonable or affordable and you get desired results, then the value is great. But, if you aren’t getting the desired results at a lower price, you may consider what value you will gain from paying more for increased features, services and support. Look at the following chart to see how prices have fluctuated over time, to gain perspective on what affordable really means.


website cost chart

2. Higher Price = Better Strategies

Another key in the price point discussion comes from what your web designer can do in terms of planning for content, capturing your audience and staying current with emerging business trends. A smaller, yet cheaper, web builder may seem attractive on price, but do they have the resources to continually compete and perform at a level to keep your website relevant? Larger web design companies may charge more, but have the teams to handle tech issues, content management and design and will be continually strategizing how to maximize your investment. That’s a good value.  

3. What Does the Consumer See?

If your website is basic in appearance or filled with stock photos and designs, you are going to generate far less interest and traffic, therefore reducing the effectiveness of your message. By working with a professional design team, you can generate content specific information and create a more personalized site, which exemplifies who your company is and what it represents. 

4. Problems Managed

Professional website companies can afford to have service techs available, often around the clock. This is critical to the life of your site. If something isn’t displaying properly, won’t load or any of the myriad of issues which may arise, a smaller or independent web designer may not have the resources to immediately handle your requests. Down time means lost revenue and missed opportunities.

5. Mobile Compatibility

With so much emphasis on Google's Mobilegeddon, mobile devices like tablets, phones and even watches, websites must be compatible for both mobile and pc views. This means more time spent in creation, maintenance and updates, since the formats vary in look and operation. This is also where an experienced designer, who is keeping with current trends, will be able to steer you in the direction to maximize your presence in both formats.

6. Social Media Alignment

Business savvy in the digital age means understanding that networking is fluid and constant. Social media epitomizes this thought as your website should be connected and content organized to establish a visible footprint. This connection, again, requires strategizing and planning by you and a professional team, who expect to be compensated accordingly.

7. Competition Drives Price

As more quality websites are created, the standard for even a simple site is being raised. Designers understand that to gain more business for themselves, they must work at a level consistent with their direct competition. Your site, then, becomes an advertisement not only for you but the designer as well. 

8. E-Commerce Ability

Another rising trend for websites is the ability to process payments for services or goods. This exchange of money requires greater security to ensure transactions are safe from online crooks. A bad reputation, especially from financial problems, can be devastating for any business, even if it is a security breach that is not directly your fault.

9. Securing a Domain and Hosting Fees

Although these fees can be a relatively small part of the total equation, domain names and hosting costs are, respectively, essential to creating unique, personal website addresses and making sure your audience can see and properly access your content.

10. Search Engine Optimization

Possibly one of the most critical, yet overlooked, areas for making sure your site gets the traffic it needs to stay viable is your connection to search engine results. As with all other features discussed, what you want to spend will often dictate the level you receive. A quality designer will be looking to expose your website as much as possible but, the more you spend, the more time they can put into working their magic to get the clicks you want.

Web Design is a thriving career path, with more designers entering the fray daily. It is a potentially lucrative career and countless college and university programs have exponentially expanded this field of study over the last decade. Finding a web designer who is affordable but still understands what your business will value from can be difficult to find. Therefore, its critical to understand what the pricing entails. Educate yourself to be able to make the right decisions to get the most value out of your investment. 

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