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December 22, 2016

Kulture Konnect's Creative Team Gets Creative with Xmas Gift Exchange

hands together

As family and friends come together this Christmas, at Kulture Konnect we come together as a team. We strongly believe it is better to give than to receive. In today's society we often forget the meaning behind Christmas and maybe even give just for the sake of personal gain. As a team, we want to remind everyone that the holidays at the workplace is more than a Christmas gift exchange. We want each and every one of our team members to be reminded we are a family. This is our chance to come together once more and encourage our team to acknowledge each and everyone's hard work and dedication. This year, instead of exchanging gifts we are giving back by exchanging and sharing our appreciation for one another. We believe each of our team members is an amazing, unique gift we wouldn't trade for the world. 

Tis' the Season to Celebrate the Holidays with our Extraordinary Creative Team!


Jorge to Marisa

Marisa has grown tremendously since she started working with Kulture Konnect. While working with us, she’s had the opportunity to not only gain experience in all the Adobe design programs, but also exposure in client meetings, brainstorming and more. What I love about Marisa is her dedication to learn new things and her openness to hear criticism without taking it personally. She’s always ready to take on heavy workloads with a smile. Merry Christmas, Marisa!

 Jorge and Marisa photo

Marisa to Jorge 

Jorge has been a great help in the last year in terms of helping me grow as a designer. He is definitely the one that keeps us all here in the office to stay on point and not get too distracted on a Friday. I mean, it's Friday; we’re just ready for the weekend! But he makes sure we stay focused. He also has a great sense of humor and makes us all laugh. Merry Christmas, Jorge! 

Niki to Deanna

Deanna has been such a good sport in her first couple of weeks here with us… doing her training process during the CRAZIEST month of the year. Basically, she has jumped in with two feet and held on tight and is doing a fantastic job keeping up with all of us. I look forward to learning more about her over time. It will be great fun looking back a year from now at how on her second day with us, she joined us for a fun and fancy dinner with one of our favorite clients. Her creativity is over the top and I am excited to see how she can help bring our clients’ brands up to the next level. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Deanna!

Niki and Deanna photo

Deanna to Niki 

I love as well as admire how cheerful and upbeat Niki is! She is one of the most patient individuals that I've come in contact with. She possesses an amazing positive attitude, and is extremely knowledgeable. Merry Christmas, Niki!

Kents to Marco

Marco has been helping me since day one and I'm very thankful for all of the things that I have learned from him. This also goes out to everyone else on the KK team! I hope all of us can learn, grow together and reach our maximum potential and keep in touch no matter the paths we take in the future. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors now that he is moving on to a different company. Merry Christmas, Marco and also to everyone in the Kulture Konnect family! 

 Marco and Kents photo

Marco to Kents

Kents is a very hardworking gentleman! Several things I've noticed about him: he is very open to learning new things and loves developing websites! He is both independent and a team player! I feel very confident that he will do great in this field! The best part is he has the confidence and talent to finish each task in a blink of an eye! Merry Christmas, brother!

Silvia to Shruti

Shruti, you have been wonderful since the day you walked into our lives. From what I've noticed, you are not only a hard worker, but you are always up for any challenge and continue to blossom with great ideas. You've always been easy to work with and always super helpful! Thank you for always giving it your all! You are a perfect example to look up to! Merry Christmas, Shruti!

Silvia and Shruti photo

Shruti to Silvia

Silvia is the hottie of our office! She is a wonderful person to work with and I am so glad we connected instantly. She is super charged all the time and ready to take up new tasks. I can rely on her for any social media tasks and she does it flawlessly. And she writes awesome blogs too. Yes, she does! All of us here just give her drafts with grammatical errors sometimes and she makes it so wonderful to read. I love it! Also, she made me write all this! Just Kidding! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Silvia!


from Kulture Konnect!


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