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The Essential Elements of a Blog Post That Wordpress Isn't Telling You

Posted by Niki Pacheco on Mar 29, 2016 10:30:00 AM


So it's been quite some time since you started WordPress blogging, and now that you’ve got your hands dirty in it, you are doing a fairly good job. You know how to work with apps, features and plug-ins that it has in store for you to magically turn your plain text post into a catchy masterpiece. What, in your opinion makes up a good, appealing blog? Content? Yes. Blog theme? Yes. Smartly used Plug-ins? Yes. Cool widgets and an interesting sidebar? Yes. Is that all? No. These solid features are the building blocks that make up your word press blog, but, it might not necessarily turn into a really good one. No worries; here we share the secrets to adding that wow factor to your blog that wordpress hasn’t been telling anyone.

Attention Grabbing Headline 

Your headline is your first impression of the blog; it has to be so tempting that the reader is compelled to give it a shot. The headline illustrates the persona of the blog – make sure it's a good one.

Text call-to-action in the Middle of the Post 

The text call-to-action element is crucial, for it either retains further reading or might as well annoy the reader to simply discard your blog. Make sure you write it in a way that the reader doesn't feel forced but will act over it intentionally and happily.

Image call-to-action at the Bottom of the Post

An interesting call-to-action image placed at the bottom of your post can be an interesting reminder to the text call placed in the middle. But this has to be done with a proper alignment, an appropriate size, nice formatting and color proportions so as to create the maximum impact.

Internal Links to Some of the Sites Other Blog Posts

Embedding internal links within your post is another useful technique, enabling the visitor to navigate through the various section of your blog and helps increase ranking and spreads the link juice.

Meta Description that Includes the Keyword

You want your blog listed higher up in the search engine rankings on higher ranks in search engines. The Meta description is your key to be handpicked over the rest and gain significant visibility over the search engines.

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Keyword-tagged Images

Images not only add color and creativity to an otherwise plain text doc; you can also use them to bring along some other benefits. Rather than repeating the keywords in your copy, you can simply let the images do the job.

Break the Copy with Call-outs, Headers and Bullets

The worst thing you could do with the most interesting copy is to smack it hard in the face of the reader, with no alignment, paragraph breaks, headers, footers and bulleted keys. Such copy is less likely to gain reader’s attention and response because they might not read it at all due to the monotonous presentation.

Push Out Posts via Social Media Platforms

Adding a social media handle to your WordPress blog is a good move, since it adds a dab of substance, increasing your chance of being ranked at the top. WordPress offers this amazing feature of integrating your blog with social media handles, which automatically pushes your article or posts over the affiliated social media accounts, thus multiplying the magnitude of traffic on your blog.

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