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Jorge Pacheco
November 10, 2021

You Need to Add Captions to Your Videos



Hi, My name is Jorge Pacheco. Today we'll be discussing the importance of adding captions to your videos.

Let's start with a hypothetical situation: It's 7:30 am and, while scrolling through Instagram, I come across a video I want to watch. But, as it plays, I realize it doesn't have captions, which means I'll have to turn the sound on. Now, unless I'm willing to get up to get my earphones, the problem is, turning the sound on would likely wake my wife sleeping next to me. I want to watch the video, but I can't. So, I just bypass the video. And just like that, such brand missed a viewer, possibly a conversion, and maybe even a sale. All because they didn't add captions.

Video captions not only equal accessibility for the hearing impaired, but also, sound is overrated and underused. For example, there are many situations where we just don't watch videos with sound, for example, when riding public transportation, when you're sitting in a room with others, etc. Have in mind that 92% of videos are watched without the sound on.

In a nutshell, Videos drive engagement, they generate interest, and they are totally worth the time you invest—as long as you do it right. That means adding captions.

Thanks for watching!

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