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Steve Averill
February 10, 2015

Your Web Design Agency is Ripping You Off

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You can do better. And you know it. And you know you need to. You also know there’s an affordable web design agency out there and that they would treat your business the way it should be treated. But like the rest of us, your time and resources are limited. So you get a little lazy and go with the devil you know. 

You don’t filter out the good stuff.  No, you keep that.  And you keep it because some incredibly talented person at a graphic design company wanted you to.  And they thought long and hard about how to execute on that.  And what they came up with was not only strategic but creative too.

The best design is always both.  And it’s laborious to produce.  The next time you find yourself balking over the graphic design company rates, ask yourself this simple question…can I create something that sticks?

I need to talk to a design pro now! Show me how to do this!

Service providers like web design agencies leverage that laziness. They use jargon and sales tactics to get you excited at the possibilities of working with them. They speak over you and sound like experts. They describe things you don’t have time to understand. This is the land of mortgage brokers, car dealer service desks and home contractors. You are being preyed upon. There is no partnership and no collaboration. It’s you versus them. It’s a battle.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can find an ethical and affordable web design agency that wants to be your partner and simply do great work. The tough part comes in finding them. Our advice is for you to contact directly any client they list on their website and ask about their experience with them. It’s incredible how few marketing directors and business owners do this. Call and confirm that the agency you are considering is as good as they look. 

Next, do a little research on what your peers are paying. This is a little tougher but you’d be surprised how helpful your network can be when it comes to saving money. If you can tap into your budget conscious friends, they will proudly reveal what they paid for their web design agency services.

Then take the middle road. Don’t go expensive and don’t go cheap. Both ends of the spectrum are lazy in their own ways. The middle has to fight to stand out. They are the ones you want to go to battle with. An affordable web design agency is out there waiting to work with you. You just have to find them and ask them lots of questions.

If you’d like to discuss what it’s like to work with a web design agency you can afford and trust, give us a call at (951) 479-5411. 

Are you ready to create a powerful working relationship to help build your dream website? Contact us today! 

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