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Why Graphic Design Companies Matter More Than Ever

Posted by Niki Pacheco on Dec 23, 2014 8:30:00 AM


Great design manages your perception of an experience.  Have you ever truly thought about that?  We bet you haven’t simply because you’re so inundated with messages that you simply filter most of it out.  The advertising agency Hill Holiday estimates that we are bombarded with as many as 5,000 messages a day.  That’s a lot of filtering! But there’s a secret.

You don’t filter out the good stuff.  No, you keep that.  And you keep it because some incredibly talented person at a graphic design company wanted you to.  And they thought long and hard about how to execute on that.  And what they came up with was not only strategic but creative too.


The best design is always both.  And it’s laborious to produce.  The next time you find yourself balking over the graphic design company rates, ask yourself this simple question…can I create something that sticks?

I need to talk to a design pro now! Show me how to do this!

Why Stuff Sticks

Design experience makes you feel something.  Check out the Steve Jobs biography and read up on the section where the box design for the iPhone occurs.  And then grab your iPhone box and look at it…feel it…open it up.  It’s an experience in itself.  Just like the iPhone.  The lesson is clear:  it’s one thing to discover a product, it’s another to be totally engaged by it.  That’s what great design does. 



We Love Design

Most graphic design companies eventually become businesses that fall out of love simply by becoming too unwieldy and bureaucratic.  We like to stay small to avoid the “too many cooks in the kitchen” syndrome.  And staying small allows us to stick to our knitting and avoid the politics of bigger graphic design companies.  When we create, we are at our best, giving you our best.  It’s our calling.  So the next time you have a need to design something that sticks, that will stand out in a customer’s mind, give us a call.  We’d love it!

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