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Steve Averill
February 05, 2015

6 Most Deadly Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

bad comment written on the tableNo one gets into the restaurant business because they love marketing.  So it comes as no surprise that people who love food aren’t so good at promoting it.  We’re here to help.  This is a list of some of the worst mistakes you can make when it comes to communicating the vision of your restaurant.


1.  No unique selling proposition 

You can‘t be like everyone else because competition is so fierce.  It staggers us to see how many of our clients THINK they are unique when they’re not.   You need to commit to a vision that is special and communicate it to everyone on a daily basis.


2.  Ignoring your most loyal customers 

This is something that sounds easy to fix but actually requires a lot of effort.  Eating out and sharing that experiences is the ultimate word-of-mouth (pun intended) transaction.  Foodies pride themselves on finding unique experiences.  Reach out to them and make them feel valued.


3.  Going cheap on your website

The first place new customers will go after they hear about you is online.  You need to thrill them right away with food-centric images and a sense of the dining experience. Establish a proper budget for web design and hire a firm that specializes in restaurants.

New Call-to-action


4.  Avoiding Yelp

You need to feed the beast (Yelp) and that beast can make or break you.  Don’t back down from the new world order of restaurant reviews.  Get in there and defend your surf and turf.  If you know you’re delivering the goods, don’t let some food troll tell people otherwise.


5.  Using social media as an ad tool

This also should go without saying but more and more we see clients phoning it in when it comes to social media.  You have to act like a person on social not a company selling stuff.  That takes money and time but it’s worth it.


6.  No brand consistency

Everything and we mean EVERYTHING matters when it comes to your brand.  From the way people are seated to how the silverware is placed to the service and the look of the menu.  The best understand that everything sends a signal.  You want that signal to communicate excellence.  There’s simply no other way to compete.

What do you think?  Have we left something off? Let us know your thoughts or find out more ways to improve your restaurant marketing by contacting us at 951-479-5411.

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