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Marisa Soliz
July 03, 2018

Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding File Formats


Do you ever have trouble figuring out what file format you need for your images? What about when it comes time to print or putting something online. Below, we are going to get into the differences between the most common file formats, so hopefully you will be saving yourself plenty of time and headaches.

When you don't have the right format for your image it could mean blurry images on your website, or images could be just too big to even upload. Using the right format means your design will come out excellent with no worries at all. First, you need to know the differences so that in the future you know you're using the right file.

Below is a quick and easy guide to navigating you through the most popular file formats.




Now with that knowledge hopefully this makes it easier for you to know which file is perfect for the job you're doing. Whether it's uploading to the web or sending something to the printer. You'll now be able to navigate your way through each file format.

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