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Jorge Pacheco
February 23, 2016

Your Rebrand Wasn't Received Well? Start with this Rebranding List


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Rebranding is an exciting and terrifying concept. The most successful efforts promise increased user interaction and higher conversion rates. On the other hand, if it’s not received well it can alienate your existing market and position your brand as a problem, not an asset. If you find your rebrand struggling, here is a place to start troubleshooting.

Did It Happen?

With the pressure to be everywhere sometimes we forget all the places we exist. There is nothing more detrimental to a brand than inconsistency. Of course, the web is a good place to start but make sure everything that’s in print is also reflective of the rebrand. Your letterhead, company manual, merchandise, etc. should all reflect the new look. You also want to make sure that the redesign is clear and easily digestible. Think 30-second elevator pitch. You want the final version of the rebrand to be out there, not the brainstormed version.

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Rebranding Checklist

What Happened to Your Message?

Rebranding often means refreshing your image to reflect an updated version of yourself. Expanding your market is great for business but you don’t want to lose the people that got you this far. If you change your core message what incentive does your current market have to be trusting of the new look? When making the choice about what fits and what doesn’t you don’t want to dismiss the items that have established your brand’s authority and have been integrated into your business since the beginning.

Past and Present: What Is and Isn’t Working?

Reevaluate what worked for you before and what is working for you now. If you realized you got rid of something that was working in your brand before, like a tagline, see how you can reintegrate it into your rebrand. Similarly, before you start hacking away at the new brand, see what’s working. For example, if the site has a new functionality that is received well, or a new blog that is leading to more conversions keep it around!

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