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Niki Pacheco
April 07, 2015

2 Keys to Increase Market Share with Your Restaurant Branding

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The food is delicious, the service impeccable, but the dining room is hardly ever filled. What gives? The loyal customers will always frequent your establishment, and sometimes bring a friend, but your predication as a premiere restaurant is still in limbo, until you truly stake your claim. This is where branding and the brand image become so critical for establishing a more substantial presence and reputation. Implementing a branding agency in your process will undoubtedly give you a fresh take on how your business is perceived by the public, corporate and your competitors. Branding is the clarion call needed to increase your piece of the market, but how do you begin this process?

Initiating a Brand

More than anything, branding serves to be a direct or succinct answer to as many questions as possible. Are you reputable? Is your establishment where I want to eat? Would I invest in this establishment? Is this restaurant a leader or part of the herd? Does this business appeal to my personal sensibilities? We make quick judgement calls all the time, regarding our choices, both personally and professional, which is why it is so critical to grab attention with a positive and resounding message. Start by making a branding or rebranding checklist. Establish a recognizable logo, company slogan, company vision, mission statement and customer service approach, along with some other business specific touchstones, to help build a map for how you will move forward with your new or modified identity. Put the audience in your corner from the first introduction with effective restaurant branding.

Industry Leaders

One of the greatest benefits of branding comes from how you reach your new audience. Be it the restaurant customer, the corporate office or the investment entrepreneur, looking for a solid business in which to apply their financial support, your outward appearance and ability to attract interest is key. A quality graphic design company can build a unified design, which remains consistent in all aspects of your restaurant, from the menu to logo and even the apparel your staff wears.

The branding process also allows you to show off the multitude of ways you are an industry leader; a point of special interest for potential investors. Current trends are definitely geared towards direct interaction with the customer and faster, more streamlined service, all of which is achieved with greater usage of digital technology. “Digital technology is allowing food services companies to communicate with and understand their customers.” Using digital technology within the restaurant expedites server/customer processes. It also allows for customers to increase their preferential choices, as an online menu will relate specialized food availability, such as gluten-free or non-dairy options, before they even set foot in the establishment.

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In addition, digital technology increases communication and interaction between your customers and your restaurant. A design studio can help in crafting an online presence to match your brick and mortar. Videos of your menu, décor or presentations on social media can be most effective for gaining attention and retaining existing customers. And, on these same social media sites, conversations amongst the public continue to grow your market presence and shares. Word of mouth is still an invaluable asset but online word of mouth attaches a megaphone to the conversation.

Branding or Rebranding can seem like a daunting task, as there are so many details to be discussed and considered. This is why a branding agency or graphic design company's input can be so important. It is their business to think about your business; to consider the greatest areas of need and what changes will generate the most attention and ultimately increased market share.

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