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6 Quick Tricks on How to Integrate Content Marketing into Your Rebrand.

Posted by Niki Pacheco on Jun 28, 2016 10:21:22 AM


Many organizations fall in the trap of thinking that a rebranding initiative is all about the logo. But, the truth is that a successful rebrand involves a company's vision, mission, internal and external culture and messaging, and more. 

You would think that small businesses are the ones that fall in this trap, but you would be surprised to know that, despite their massive marketing budgets, big corporations have been a victim of their own game more than once. Here are 6 quick tricks on how to integrate content marketing into your rebrand initiative.

1. Make content a priority

It doesn't matter if you use blogs or videos or webinars or screencasts as your main vehicle for content, the important thing is that you make it a priority. 

2. Create a content machine (aka process)

Set up a no fail framework that will get the content done. It is a good idea to have a process in place to move content through brainstorm, development, approval and launch stages. Otherwise it might get stuck at the idea stage and never get done.

3. Create excitement

When developing your new brand, think of how you can integrate the new visual elements into content pieces including blog design or video motion graphics. Your team will be excited to use the new brand elements throughout the content pieces being developed.

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4. Brand guidelines

Don't forget to develop a brand guideline document that can be followed by the whole company in all different aspects of the content marketing. You will want your rebrand team to develop clear guidelines of how, what, where and when the new brand elements can be used.

5. Plan ahead

You do not want to leave the content marketing plan to the end. It is very involved and if you go into your rebrand knowing you are going to focus on content marketing, then you can make decisions based on the plan. 

6. Think mobile friendly

You have probably gone to great lengths in your rebrand development to make sure everything works and looks good in the mobile environment. Your content marketing should be going through the same rigorous scrutiny. If you are doing video, make sure it displays well on all mobile devices. If you are doing an infographic, make sure it loads properly on the go.




A successful rebranding strategy will influence and alter the behavior of your target market's expectations in a positive way. Updating your brand doesn't mean you are a different company, but it does need to reflect your new vision without affecting your core business history. Remember, rebranding is not just changing a logo... it is redefining your brand's image and core goals.

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