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Jorge Pacheco
March 03, 2015

5 Out-of-the-Box Restaurant Marketing Tips

chef preparing the menu

You’ve heard it before; that you need to think different to attract attention in one of the most competitive industries out there.   

But do you really do it? Probably not…simply because it takes too much time and effort. Well here are five things you can do that won’t take too much of your focus away from the essentials of your operation. 

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1. Use your blog for chef’s tips: There are tons of cooking shows on TV and for good reason - they are fun and inspiring! If that formula can work in the expensive world of television production it can work for you. Establish your authority and share your passion with advice your loyal customers and new prospects can learn from and share with their friends. Speaking of sharing…

2. Social-only discounts: Get real on social media by showing your value for it by only granting offers and discounts to active users. This will get the attention of those who haven’t yet liked your Facebook page or followed you on twitter.

3. Gamify your grub: Turn your next contest into something everyone will talk about by making the winning prize something truly amazing like an all you can eat night for four or VIP treatment for two. It will cost you a bit that night but the word of mouth will last for months!

>>Download this eBook to learn how to maximize your restaurant marketing efforts.

4. Receipts as next visit discounts: There are businesses out there that can provide you with software that will print anything you want on your receipts. Reward your most loyal customers with a deal on their next visit.

5. Create a live event: Whether its music or a chef talk or a charity fundraiser turn your space into a place that creates community. Give your patrons a reason beyond food to rendezvous at your venue. There are few places left that break through the tech barrier and are successful at getting people away from their screens and face to face. Be one of those places.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these restaurant marketing tips.

Check back here often for more advice on how your restaurant marketing can improve! 

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