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Niki Pacheco
February 26, 2015

3 Secrets for Choosing a Graphic Design Studio

red cup and a keyboard on the table

photo courtesy of Arlene Garcia

Look around right now  

Just stop and take a look at your desk or your chair or the cup you are drinking out of.  Someone designed that; someone with a focused desire to reach out to you through a structured idea.  They made that thing you are looking at right now.  Does it inspire you or make you feel flat?  Does it brighten your day or darken it? Have you really thought about why you chose that dress or those glasses or that phone? 

Designers have their prints on everything we see and touch.

As a business owner or a marketing director, you cannot afford to ignore the influence of great design when it comes to attracting new business and retaining your best customers.  

Design matters more now than ever.  We’ve discussed that before here

Great design is now accessible to almost anyone.  And that makes for a very competitive landscape.  It simply doesn’t take massive resources to create inspired design any more.  But what it does take is passion and knowledge and empathy.  Those qualities are rare. That is the tough part. People with that mindset are hard to find.

>>Download this FREE Checklist to help you find the perfect graphic design studio.
So how do you find them?  How do you go about finding the kind of people that will get you and your business to the next level?  Start by asking yourself two very simple and straightforward questions:


1.  What have they done?  The proof is in the pudding and past is prologue.  Check out their portfolio and see if it gets your blood going.  Check to see if they are detail-oriented and original.  Does all their stuff look like it’s off the shelf or is it customized to the client? If you like what you see then you’re on the right track.

2.  Who have they worked with?  Credibility is everything.  It’s the trust factor.  If reputable businesses have entrusted this graphic design agency with their budget then you probably can too. 

Once you’ve seen what they can do and who they’ve worked with you can get into more probing for you specific needs.  For instance if website design is what you’re after, here are five things you should look for.

Finally, simply pick up the phone and call them.

You can tell a lot about an agency the way they handle an incoming call.  In the end it’s all about making a connection.  It’s what the world needs and what we all want. For a more detailed information for hiring your graphic design studio, download the free checklist below!

 How to Choose You Graphic Design Studio

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