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October 25, 2018

Our Graphic Design Studio Welcomes New Client: It's A Grind

A cup of coffee presented on the table with coffee beans

(Source: It's A Grind)

Kulture Konnect is thrilled to announce our new client...(drum roll)...It's A Grind Coffee House!

For those of you who have never heard of the specialty coffee house, It's A Grind is famous for their high-quality Arabica coffee beans and operates more than 15 locations in 3 states and 3 international locations. We are confident to say they will continue to grow! We are honored to be a part of their future! 

Our creative team happily hopped onboard to take on their design work starting out with two of our favorite design pieces shown below, which is featured inside two of their locations. These designs are very much inspired by city landmarks such as the San Leandro Downtown Gateway, the San Leandro East 14th Street and MacArthur Boulevard Gateway.

Jorge Pacheco, who worked closely with the designs, shared how pleased he was that there were no limitations on how innovative we were allowed to be, "it's been so refreshing to have the liberty to design in such a creative way for the coffee house. Not only was the designs inspired by landmarks but the design style was inspired by eclectic colorful South American regions."

A painting image It's A Grind Coffee House - Oakland, Ca 

Front and center! Our first design for It's A Grind Coffee House can be seen at their Oakland, Ca location. Can you spot the It's A Grind logo?

Two customers chatting in a coffee shop image

A typical day of a coffee shop with customers

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A coffee painting in the middle of a wall

It's A Grind Coffee House - San Leandro, CA

The second design made it's way to their San Leandro, California location, which is also close to the Oakland area.

 If you look closely, there's a city landmark in the center. Can you guess which one? And if you already haven't noticed, it reads, "All You Need Is Coffee." 

Two busy woman waiting for their orders 

An image of the corner inside the coffee shop

It's Only the Beginning!

Again! Please give a warm welcome to It's A Grind! We're extremely honored and excited to be working with the coffee house and looking forward to executing several design projects lined up for the near future!

Be on the look out for their fun holiday drink campaign, which will be rolling out soon! Since the holidays is our favorite time of year, we feel lucky enough to have jumped onboard in time for the season.  

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