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Jorge Pacheco
June 27, 2014

I'm Spending Too Much on My Restaurant Marketing

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If lately you've been telling yourself: "I'm spending too much on my restaurant marketing," it is time to dust off your marketing strategy and take a look at what businesses in your industry are doing. 

The key is to watch for those restaurants that are successful as well as those that are not, so you can learn,  what works and what doesn’t.

I’m here to let you know about a few ways that will help you in re-vamping your marketing plan. If you're spending too much on your marketing, I can provide you with ways to cut some unnecessary efforts that can potentially increase your marketing budget for necessary efforts. 

Restaurant marketing isn’t the same as it used to be. Traditional methods continue to be the preferred way to approach a restaurant marketing plan, but since the birth of the internet, and especially social media, it has become critical that restaurants embrace Internet marketing and cultivate a presence online. But how much online and how much offline should you do? What can you cut from your online and offline strategies? 

Three things you can cut from your restaurant marketing

  1. Stop your SEO fixation: It's not just about SEO, nowadays it's more about how relevant your content is to your patrons. 

  2. Beware of your Go-To marketing offer: Make sure your patrons go to your restaurant because the love it, not because they were waiting for the next offer that just came in the mail. 

  3. Do you really need that mobile app? With responsive design, mobile apps and m.sites are no longer necessary. If your site is optimized for any device, you will incur in only one expense and save money that can be used implementing other efforts. 

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As you re-consider your branding and marketing strategy, make sure you:

  1. Stay current with your market and target: Keep yourself up-to-date on what is going on in the industry and what your patrons want. Just following this tip will allow you to make more informed decisions about your marketing plan and whether or not you need to reposition your brand. 

  2. Stay current with your website: Currently it is not only a matter of patrons finding your restaurant website online or about following SEO best practices, but more importantly you need to keep up with the times in terms of technology (responsive design) and social media.

  3. Stay current with your SEO: SEO might be one of the most tedious and boring things to do in marketing, but since 72% of all searches are related to a search for local content, you should make 100% sure that your website will show up for those searches relevant to your restaurant.

  4. Provide enough incentive so your patrons have a reason to engage: Give your patrons a reason to engage online and offline with your restaurant. For example, if the only way you get foot traffic is with specials and offers, then your patrons will simply wait for the next one. This means that their loyalty is to the coupon, not to your restaurant or brand. 

  5. Freshen up the look of your menu: If you haven't visited your menu design for the past two or three years, now is the time to start thinking about updating it. Your menu is the prelude of the final dish presentation.

Are you seeking a professional to help you with your restaurant marketing? Contact us here for more information: contact Kulture Konnect 


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