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Steve Averill
July 09, 2015

Orange County Advertising Agencies We Admire - Agency|51


Located in Southern Nevada, Area 51 is a mysterious base run by the U.S. Government linked to accelerated testing and quantum leaps in aviation technology.  And, according to long-standing rumors, has been the country’s center for the discovery and study of extraterrestrial contact.

This is the opening paragraph on the Agency|51 website headlined “Mythos”.  We love the derivation of the name and all that it implies.  It’s bold, brash and literally totally out there.

But here’s the key:  You have to be able to pull it off. 

And Agency|51 does.

Their client list includes Hilton, Cox, Time Warner and Comcast along with some local flavor like OC Tourism and Anaheim Orange County.  Their work is fresh, colorful and fun. 

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Their attention to detail is stunning and sophisticated.  You can tell they like to make a statement and aren’t afraid to be aggressive when it comes to communication style.  That makes sense when you have a lot of men doing the creative work as Agency|51 does.  We love their website bios too, especially when everyone has to answer the question: “What is your shaman power animal?”

This is the kind of agency you hire when you want to take a new look at your messaging and design.  These are the guys you hire when you want to hit “refresh”. 

We love that they literally fly a banner right in the heart of super cool and revitalized downtown Santa Ana.  There is a lot going on in what is being dubbed as Downtown Orange County.  The restaurant scene there is exploding as is the art scene.  And the new Fourth Street market is simply amazing with cool new food shops and craft beer venues. Agency|51 is right in the middle of all that.

Agency|51 has there extraterrestrial finger on the pulse of what is new and exciting in OC.  They would be great creative choice for a client or a partner.



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