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3 Tips for Creating Thumb-Stopping Instagram Stories Ads

Posted by Shruti Kapadia on Jul 20, 2017 8:30:00 AM


Instagram has grown to be one of the fastest growing social media networks since its launch in October 2010. Years later, the social network has expanded its features to keep up with its competitor SnapChat introducing Instagram Stories in August of 2016. Today, its Instagram Stories feature has surpassed SnapChat hitting over 200 million daily active usersInstagram Stories has successfully created a fun way for users and businesses to share all the moments of the day. With its enchancing filters, tagging users, hashtags that now feature stories, and location stories located on the explorer page and of course Instagram ads in between stories. It is no wonder why so many are taking advantage of this platform.


When Facebook took over Instagram it updated it into a vast platform with sponsored posts. With 1 million active advertisers and over 375 million daily active users, Instagram has taken it up a level with Stories sponsored ads. So, how do you jump on this Story bandwagon for your business? Keep reading!

Why Instagram Stories?

People enjoy sharing or documenting their experiences on social media and users are watching. The Stories feature gives you the opportunity to do just that. With a lifespan of 24 hours, you can share as many photos and videos as you like and your followers can go through them immediately.

From a brand point of view, you can't go wrong jumping on this video trend. Social media has been and continues to be a great platform for advertising. Since many are spending their leisure time on Instagram and now utilizing Instagram Stories, than as a marketer it is best to jump on the bandwagon. Show your users what they want to see.


 >>With social media being an effective marketing tool, get a glimpse of what it takes to build your social media presence with this social media success story!JFAT - Social Media Case Study

How Instagram Stories Benefit's the Advertiser?

  • Using your Instagram Story feature to share products or services is free unlike sponsored ads.
  • Anyone can view your story if your settings are public.
  • Creating mind-blowing or fascinating posts and publish consistently will encourage followers to engage by checking your story often.
  • Story posts do not require a ton of effort unlike sponsored ads shown below. Story posts are meant to be raw, real, and relevant to the particular moment. It humanizes your business or content and gives it transparency. However, if you want to change it up and take the route of uploading a professional video or photo there is nothing wrong with this either.
  • You can add hashtags or your location and be featured on your city location story, which helps with your exposure.


How to create a jaw-dropping Instagram Story ad

Advertisers today are focused on creating thumb-stopping ads. Ads that you see when you need them is what the current buyer is aiming for. But to make sure your ad is thumb-stopping material there are a few things you will have to keep in mind while creating them.


1. Videos Are Everything

Videos have taken over the digital world and are here to stay. Instagrammers are always looking for brands and accounts that share innovative pictures and graphics. Give your visual best with the 10 seconds that Instagram Stories gives you. For example, brands such as Old Navy and Nike are doing a great job of keeping followers and snoopers engaged with their storytelling format and engaging topics.



2. Use Emojis

We are not only talking about the popular facial expressions that most of us are familiar with when sending a text, but also take notice of the emoji's Instagram offers. Instagram has several features for your story, even a simple line of text can be made beautiful with the right colors and presentation. Explore and use its built-in features like text colors, background filters and props to create an engaging ad. Convey the most with the least amount of text and your ad will get maximum exposure.



3. Choose the Right Objective

When Instagram first rolled out ads for Stories, the main objective was reach. However, over the past few months, they have expanded their objectives, giving advertisers the opportunity to choose from video views, website traffic, conversions and mobile app installs. As a result, Stories have now become a full-funnel solution for a growing spectrum of business objectives. Choose the right objective for your brand. For example, if you’re a NGO for the children, start your story with a fact and end it with a solution, compelling the audience to know more about your center or to make a donation. Attach the landing page link you want the audience to visit.

Overall, Instagram Stories is still fairly new, but it has great potential for businesses to grow and it is likely on its way to being a first choice for social media marketers. Let us know your predictions or experience with Instagram Stories in the comment box below.

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 With social media being an effective marketing tool, get a glimpse of what it takes to build your social media presence with this social media success story!

JFAT - Social Media Case Study

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