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Jorge Pacheco
January 18, 2018

4 Qualities Effective Marketing Managers Must Have for the New Year


If you can‘t figure out why your marketing efforts are falling flat then it's time to either take a good look in the mirror or make a new hire. You have to be brutally honest if you want to grow your business and that honesty must begin with your people. Who you surround yourself with from here on out will determine your success. Make sure your marketing manager possess these 4 qualities to catapult your business to take it to the next level.

1. Both-Brained

You’ve got creative types who only see the big picture and uncreative analytical types who focus on tasks and get things done. Well guess what? You need both these types to exist in one person. They need to be able to see the forest for the trees and at the same time ruthlessly drive a plan to execution. These people are rare and you’ll have to pay for them, but they will be worth every penny.


>> Prove the ROI of your marketing efforts with this cheat sheet!

Prove the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts with this Cheat Sheet

2. Courageous 

Courage is a word rarely discussed in business circles, especially when it comes to marketing.  And unless you’re willing to outsource to a design and branding agency that does amazing work (ahem…) you’ve got to have a marketing manager that has the guts to articulate a vision and stick to it. Because here’s the thing about creativity…it meets resistance everywhere.  People claim they like “new” but really they like “new” after it’s already old to someone else. Or they like it if they think it was their idea and not yours. And this leads us to number three…

3. Disciplined

Having guts is one thing but not quitting in the face of rejection and executing on a daily basis consistently is something else. When you run up against resistance to your vision you need to have the mental fortitude to stay with it and also find avenues around roadblocks. This will sometimes mean “checking your ego at the door.”  This is a tried and true technique for getting things done that women seem to understand about 10x better than men, especially working moms. Childbirth is the ultimate in “taking one for the team” (sorry guys).  There are days you just have to suck it up and set aside your own agenda and get stuff done. And that takes discipline.

4. Empathetic 

If you don’t know what it’s like to stand in someone else’s shoes how are you going to market to them? You need to have a curious mind that wants to understand why people do what they do. Then you need to be able to predict how they will act. The best marketers we know understand how human beings behave. And that takes someone who thinks like a person and not a computer.


Marketing Managers are the glue that keeps all marketing initiatives from falling apart. Use a strong glue to ensure successful marketing metrics!

Use this cheat sheet to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts

Prove the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts with this Cheat Sheet

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