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October 04, 2016

The 6 Worst Ad Campaigns You Should Avoid

advertising text

How many times have you heard of the saying, "there's no such thing as bad publicity." Oh boy, the problem with this statement is we like to think that any type of attention is great for a business. Well, I am hear to burst your bubble quite a bit! A matter of fact, it does not necessarily apply to all cases. Many of us have seen it before! Every so often you hear about the offensive ad that caught the attention of pedestrians, onlookers or readers, then went viral ending up in the hands of the media. Trust me, I used to agree that any publicity is great until I realized that no one wants to be associated with a brand that approves of an inappropriate ad campaign.

Allow these 6 worst ad campaigns serve as a lesson to businesses everywhere!


Ad Fail #1 - "You can never be too thin" causes people to think about topics such as negative body image. Remember, think positive!

titan biscuit adverts


Ad Fail #2 - Being a restaurant the last thing you want to do is have your customers find you disgusting. Remind your audience how delicious your menu is!

mc donalds billboard



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Ad Fail #3 - Never ever, I REPEAT, ever think it's ok to insult your consumers. This will only drive them away not just temporarily, but possibly for good.

play station billboard


Ad Fail #4 - When your ad isn't portraying a very inviting message neither is your business. Be sure to avoid sounding desperate or aggressive.

vitae man billboard


Ad Fail #5 - I'm not quite sure this ad can be saved at all.

paradise valley resort advert 


Ad Fail #6 - Make sure your message gets across, however, tastefully done. 

imodium billboard



What Makes a Great Advertisement?

We had a chance to go through one of the worst advertisements, but what about what makes a great advertisement? Lets put it this way, advertising is storytelling. Your ad must tell a great and entertaining story. One that engages the audience enough it pulls them into your world. Here are 4 pointers to consider:


1.) Relatable - Everyone yearns for a connection whether it's on a personal or business level. Ads that say, "we're just like you" are more effective. This way it speaks to the consumer about what's significant to them. 


2.) Humor - Be very mindful with your humor. People love a good laugh, however, if you don't incorporate appropriate humor you will end up not far from one of the ads above. You want it to be light hearted, genuine and memorable. 


3.) Authenticity - I've heard business owners and marketing managers reiterate over and over how paramount being authentic is. Remember what your business represents. Stay true to your mission and values. Abstain from being something you are not. 


4.) Effective Targeting - Target audience! Yes! One of the most important elements of an ad campaign. Your product or service isn't going to appeal to everyone. Identify the population that is most likely going to need what you have to offer.



You see, bad advertising is similar to being the odd man out. For example, the guy that shares an awful joke with a room full of people where no one finds it amusing, but instead everyone stares in horror. Whatever you do, avoid being that guy! Your ad campaign should be appropriate, positive, relatable, yet attention grabbing. If you have any advertising or marketing questions drop us a comment! We'll be happy to answer. 

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Looking to rebrand? Find out 101 Reasons to Consider a Rebrand here

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