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Jorge Pacheco
March 29, 2018

8 Misconceptions Working With Graphic Design Companies

Two men wearing eyeglasses working on design in front of a laptopIt is very common for companies to outsource their marketing tasks and activities to an outside service provider. In most cases, companies do not possess the staff or the expertise, instead relying on an outside agency, especially in the case of any graphic design companies, giving them an edge.

However, there are certain principles and methods of best practice that must be adhered to for companies to extract the most benefit. Many a times, clients will approach agencies with various assumptions that only reveal its bad side once the work starts. This affects projects and also results in the client-agency relationship deteriorating.

 1. Quality design should not cost much

Many clients approach a graphic design with the hopes of getting a good quality project without assigning a sufficient budget for it. If quality is what clients require, then it would certainly require a larger budget as greater quality will only involve higher time and resources spent to perfect the project.

2. Lets revise the project over and over again until it is perfect

It is only natural for a design project to undergo revisions and clients have the right to ask for changes to be added. However, it is also common for clients to ask for too many revisions and changes which take far too much time and resources to complete it. This not only delays your project deadlines but it forces both the client and the agency to settle for a lower quality work that affects the client’s marketing success.

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3. Why does it cost that much? My neighbor only charged $50 for a logo

If price were the only criterion used for evaluating the strength of a logo, then perhaps your neighbor is the best one to go to for designing logos. Clients should know that there are many non-price factors that go in determining the cost of a logo design project such as expertise, how scalable the design is, and a multitude of other factors. 

4. The design looks different on my screen or when I print it out 

There is often the likelihood that the format of the editable printable file such as .TIFF does not properly display on their computer screen. Clients therefore need to use the appropriate software to open the file and also use the right printing materials to ensure that the color of the project is accurate.

5. Download and use this image off of this website

Agencies are often instructed by clients to download a specific image for their project purposes. However, not only can downloading a copyrighted image land you in a lawsuit case, but also restrict your opportunities for scaling in terms of design.

6. The simpler the design, the less it should cost

Not necessarily. As mentioned above, the cost of a design has more involved that just aesthetics. For example for web design you have to take into consideration factors such as the type of platform required, such as WordPress or MovableType, the number of styling elements needed, domain name and type, website maintenance and development time, etc.

7. A logo and a brand are the same thing

A logo is a visual design representation of a brand’s message to its target audience based upon its position and attempts to evoke a specific emotion. A brand on the other hand, is a more comprehensive term that consists of a company’s positioning, its communications and a set of continuous activities used to differentiate itself from its rivals, part of which is logo. 

8. We launched our website last week, why hasn't it gone viral and why am I not ranking on the 1st page

There are many factors that can account for your website not going viral. Firstly, it could be poor SEO use such as not using the right keywords, or keyword density being too high, that leads to being ranked lower in the search engine results. Secondly, there may not be an effective PPC campaigns to make the site go viral. Furthermore, the content of the actual site may not be of high quality or may not be relevant to the customers’ needs.


In summary, the aforementioned misconceptions reveal the eye-opening reality of most of the clients today. Instead of making cost the most important determinant of approving or rejecting projects, clients need to focus on projects that give them the highest ROI. By doing so, they can free themselves of many unnecessary burdens and ensure their business needs are met effectively.

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Looking to hire a graphic design studio?

Use this FREE checklist to make sure you choose the best one for your company.

How to Choose You Graphic Design Studio

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