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Marisa Soliz
January 02, 2018

5 Popular Graphic Design Trends That Will Own 2018

A man explaining in details some information on the table

2018 is here and with the new year comes new ideas to impove your design work. Some of us might be searching for ways to reinvent or update our design whether it's a logo or photography. Maybe you are just looking for new trends to follow to stay current.

In graphic design, the trends come and go quickly. Luckily for you, we will divulge into some graphic design trends that you can look forward to in 2018. 

Authentic Photography

With photography, you get the models that smile straight at the camera or force a hand shake. It all just seems forced lately. Not to say that this is necessarily bad but you do not want something that just feels unnatural. One of the trends this year is natural photos that tells a story. They are not staged, they are not forced and it's about living in the moment and capturing it. 

Ferris wheel image5-popular-graphic-design-trends-that-will-own-2018.jpgThree friends on top of the hill photo

Images courtesy of: Stock Photos

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Custom Graphic Art / Illustrations

Graphic art is making a comeback in terms of design. Here is a couple great ideas to help your illustrations and graphic art take the next step in your design

Digital art illustrations - Photography with art sketched on top - 3-D paper illustrations.

Back to the future image cartoonSpilled paint on the floor cartoon imageA man staring at his hand

Images courtesy of: Illustrations - Paper Art - Photography combind with sketches

Photography Treatments

Photography is a very beautiful thing with the right treatment because it can change the feeling immediately. Here are a couple of pretty awesome ways to enhance your photos in a more creative manner. 

Gradient style - Duo tones made with halftone colors printed on top of each other. - Double exposure images

A woman image5-popular-graphic-design-trends-that-will-own-2018.jpgSide to side photo of a woman and the buildings

Images courtesy of: Gradient Style - Duotone - Double Exposure


Typopgraphy is very expressive and with the right treatment it can make a very plain design absolutely stunning with the right treatment. Here is a couple different styles that you can use to push forward your type game. 

Intermeshed with the design - Negative space typography - unconventional layout of letters and words

Fuse logo

Black holes everywhere text

Foreign language ad

Images courtesy of: Intermeshed Type - Negative Space - Unconventional Type

Negative Space

Negative space can be one of the most powerful when it comes to design. Personally, negative space can tell a story much better than a full loaded design or image. It leaves plenty to interpretion but it is also one of the most hated in design when it comes to clients. 

Use of white images - using elements from the back coming to the front to create the design

A man in the middle of the farm

Sherlock holmes

Images courtesy of: Negetave photography - Negative space movie poster

In conlusion

Design trends are always fun to include in your design work especially when it's new, creative or innovative. However, don't stress over the new trends too much since there is always a chance your client might not be for it. These trends are not always going to be for everyone. Stick to what works for you and your client since you know your design style or their design style more than anyone. 

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This checklist will tell you what to look for when choosing the right marketing and design studio. Download here!

How to Choose You Graphic Design Studio

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