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Marisa Soliz
July 11, 2017

Top 3 DIY Sites For Graphic Design Inspiration and Creation


In a world where social media is the way of life now. It leads companies wether start-up or already existing ones, are trying to get with the times of marketing their companies. While the logical task would be to have a design team on hand to create your graphics, that might not always be feasible due to the economy. This is causing 57% of B2B marketers in 2016 to priortize the use of visual content over text only content.  

Professional designers are using programs like Adobe CC Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. These programs, however, require a subscription fee that some companies might not have the funds for. Luckily, there are multiple types of cloud design services that don't need a download to use.

Let's dive into a few online design services for your graphic design inspiration that will help get your social media some engagement.


Design Bold


With endless beautifully designed templates to choose from, DesignBold is used to help even the less creative be creative. Their templates cover a wide range including social media posts, invitations, ads and commercials (web advertisements). The possibilities could quite possibly be endless on what you can design here. Take a look at just some of the great template designs DesignBold offers. 



FREE - Includes unlimited storage - 200,000+ free stock images - Access all free templates - hi res editing and download - Upload unlimited 5MB images - Collaboration by inviting people to view/edit designs

PRO - Includes all of the above plan - Plus download transparent PNG - Download PDF for Print - Custom color palette to fit your style guide - Upload 10 custom fonts to fit your style guide - Magic resize for all platform sizes - With 20 monthly premium stock photos.  $19/month

TEAM - Includes all that's included in FREE and PRO - Plus 100 monthly premium stock photos.  $49/month

 >>Everything you need to know when hiring the right

graphic design studio!

Download your checklist here!  



Piktochart lets you to take a boring, straight block of text and turn it into an engaging arranged visual. This site allows you to take your information and present it in a way that is informative and eye catching. You can create designs anywhere from infographics or a syllabus to ads. Take a look below at some of the template infographics that can be created. 



FREE - Includes unlimited creations - Access to all icons and images (4,000+) - Intuitive editor - Download and share

LITE - Access to all 600+ templates - Upload up to 100MB of your own photos - Download projects as standard quality images  $15/month

PRO - Access to all 600+ templates - Upload up to 400MB of your own photos - Download projects as standard quality images - Download projects as print quality images - Download projects as PDFs - Remove the Piktochart watermark - Password protect and make your projects private - Export your presentations to SlideShare  $29/month

PRO TEAM - Coming Soon - Includes all PRO features- Create templates that your team can use and edit - Invite team members to edit your projects - Leave comments on shared projects - Assign roles to team members - More features being developed!




Canva was developed by Australian designers who found it difficult to teach Adobe programs to college students. Thus, came Canva, allowing people with no experience to design beautiful pieces with ease. With tons of templates to choose from, Canva is the most popular when it comes to cloud-based design sites. Take a look at some of the template examples that Canva has to offer. 



CANVA - Two folders to organize designs - Up to 10 team members for free - 1GB storage for photos and assets - Access to over 8,000 templates - Upload your own images - Access millions of photos for $1 each  Free

CANVA FOR WORK - Everything in Canva, plus unlimited folders to organize designs - Up to 30 team members for free -Unlimited storage for photos and assets -Exclusive access to over 300,000 free photos, illustrations, and templates - Upload your own images - Access millions of photos for $1 each - Magically resize your designs - Upload custom fonts for your brand - Set color palettes for your brand - Save templates for you and your team - Organize your photos with folders - Easily find your designs with search - Priority support.  $12.95/month

CANVA ENTERPRISE - for teams with more than 30 members - Everything in Canva for Work, plus team administrative controls - Advanced analytics - Single sign on - Dedicated account manager - 99.9% uptime SLA  Get in Touch - Pricing to be discussed with Canva management

If we had to give any of these websites a prize, it would be DesignBold for including more at a free membership than the rest, but for also being user-friendly for people with no design experience.

In conclusion, finding the right cloud design service that's best for you depends on your needs. Each one shines and excels in its own way and could help your business designs for social media in tremendous ways. 

Let us know which one worked best for you!

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Not sure what to look for when searching for professional designers?

Download this checklist and hire the right graphic design studio today!


How to Choose You Graphic Design Studio

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