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August 03, 2017

Fastest-Growing Chains of 2017 Setting Food and Beverage Industry Trends


Every year we take notice of the hottest new eateries that are cranking up the dollar signs and setting food and beverage industry trends around the United States. While giants such as Pizza-Hut, McDonalds, KFC and Subway are industry leaders, these smaller chains are not only similiar, but are highly successful and have the potential to match the level of their competitors.

This year's quarterly report shows that Americans are spending their money on these 5 popular brands that are growing rapidly and making an impact on the food and beverage scene in 2017. 

Blaze Pizza

Fastest-Growing-Chains-of-2017-Setting-Food-and-Beverage-Industry-Trends.jpgWatch out Pizza-Hut and DominosBlaze Pizza is blazing hot! The create-your-own-pizza trend is well on its way! Starting out with two franchise locations, Blaze has quickly grown to 200 in just four years. Not to mention, NBA star player Lebron James is a big name investor since 2012, also helping with the brand awareness.

Blaze Pizza is said to be the number two pizza chain right behind Papa Johns and plans to open up 100-150 new locations by 2018. 




Raising Cane's

Fastest-Growing-Chains-of-2017-Setting-Food-and-Beverage-Industry-Trends.jpgChicken finger food is on the rise! Originated from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the chicken-finger chain Raising Cane's receives comparisons to similiar chains such as Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, KFC and Chick-Fil-A. It has rapidly grown with 310 locations. A total of 59 new locations were opened in the past year. The company has also experienced a sales increase of 25.9% with $640.5 million sales in 2016. This is one chain to watch out for.




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Jersey Mike's Subs


Move out the way Quizno's, Blimpie, Jason's Deli, TOGO's and Subway! Another sub sandwich chain has joined the scene! Jersey Mike's is ready to give these popular chains a run for its money with 1,187 locations and  total sales of $825 million. Not to mention, a sales increase of 22.2% is enough to keep Subway and other's mentioned on its toes.



Fastest-Growing-Chains-of-2017-Setting-Food-and-Beverage-Industry-Trends.jpgIt's "my pleasure" to inform you that Chick-Fil-A is here to stay! The popular chicken chain is said to be dominating the fast-food industry right along with Raising Canes. In 2016, the restaurant sold 3-times as much as KFC. Things did not slow down there! In 2017, it experienced a sales increase by 16.9% and opened its 2,000th location. According to Business Insider, an estimated sales per unit had reached $3.9 million this year




Fastest-Growing-Chains-of-2017-Setting-Food-and-Beverage-Industry-Trends.jpgAnother pizza joint that has been well on its way known as Pieology, was named as one of the top 15 fastest growing franchises and industry leaders by Fast Casual this year. This recognition does not come as a surprise after also being named one of the fastest growing restaurants in 2015. Pieology is still on the radar with over 135 locations and continuing to expand with 50 new locations opening this year. CEO Carl Chang plans to hit 700 locations in the next five years. Can we say pizza goals?

Are you surprised by how quickly these chains have grown? Share your thoughts on these brands in the comments below!


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