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Niki Pacheco
June 09, 2020

From a Kitten to a Lion... A Sales Transformation

A cat with a lion's hair.

So, I recently completed HubSpot's Partner Pipeline Generation Bootcamp and I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences I have had. Dan Tyre was our fearless leader and he kept his pride of lions excited and motivated each week. He has the energy of gazelle that motivates and encourages and pumps the students up! It is a good thing because we all came in as fearful wide-eyed kittens not at all groomed for selling and Dan Tyre had his work cut out for him!

The foundation of Kulture Konnect is based heavily in graphic design as both Jorge and I (the founders of of the company) majored in design. We definitely did not major in sales and tend to pass the sales ball back and forth to each other like a hot potato! The past 15+ years in business has been based solely on word of mouth and the loyalty of our customer base. But the time has come to really grow Kulture Konnect to its full potential. Adding on Content Marketing Service through Hubspot has really opened the doors and we are on a one way street to greater successes. 

Here are the 5 main AHA! moments that I personally had during the 8-week program:


1. Motivation is Everything!


A blow up image screen capture of a zoom meeting


I had always had it on my long to-do list to make a vision board, but there never was a good time to do it.  I  learned that with sales, it is easy to lose motivation, especially for someone like me who has avoided sales with a 10-foot pole! So, on the many sales calls I made, it was my vision board that made me pick up the phone and make the call. I have it printed where I can see it and I also have it on my computer screen. Listed out are all my "whys" and those very important "whys" are what makes me dial that next number.

2. Pause, Pause, Pause

Even with warm leads that I would get from my referral group, I used to call the person and rush into talking and not stop! It was the nerves and I would even get out of breath! I would leave the prospect with their head spinning!  Dan Tyre really drilled it into our heads that we must PAUSE. it is awkward and it feels like an eternity, but it is effective. It allows the listener to catch up with us and become an active listener. 

3. Pick Up the Phone and Dial

I know it sounds crazy but this is the most difficult part for me. I don't mind talking on the phone. What is challenging is dialing the number. Sometimes it would take 10 minutes to work up the courage to make the dial! I would be researching and looking up what I wanted to address on the call and how I wanted to say it etc etc! Then I would make the call and it would be voicemail!  The AHA! moment here is that the more phone calls that I made, the easier it got and the less time it took me to actually make the call! 

4. Have an Accountability Partner

This was one of the biggest game changers for me. We would set a time and do our calls together. At the end of the hour and a half, we would check in to see how well things went for each of us. This really helps for someone like me who struggles to dial the  phone. It was like having a study buddy! I couldn't get out of the calls because I new my accountability partner was going to check in on me!

5. What to Say

I think the biggest takeaway from the course is that we were given the confidence to know what to say. We would practice with scripts, we would practice without scripts... we would practice on our own and had goals of how many calls to make. We would practice answers to all of the typical rejections. All of this made it easier for me to feel more comfortable to do the motions. It's like I had a playbook I could follow that would guide me in all the twists and turns of the game.

In the end, I actually enjoyed making the calls. It has become a part of my weekly routine. I also enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow lions. We learned so much from each other sharing what worked or didn't work. We would also share general business tips and tricks as well. It felt good to know these 30 other people going through the same journey as me especially as it was right in the middle of Covid-19. I got to see how they were getting through it all and making sales during the most difficult weeks of quarantine and it gave me such motivation to keep moving forward.

I am a Lion. Hear me ROAR! 



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