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December 11, 2018

How to Build Your Email Marketing Lists for Maximum Results

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Email lists have been a foundation for essentially every business over the last several years simply because of the utility of incorporating an email list for customers to subscribe to. Having a way to directly reach customers who want to engage with your product or service holds a much higher value than otherwise broadcasting your business, hoping customers will connect with you.

Staying connected with past customers is as important or even more important than reaching new customers. Pareto's Principle of the 80-20 rule can be applied to business in the sense that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Now this is not an absolute for every business or even any business, it simply stresses the point that loyal customers make up a large percentage of a business's margin and should not be neglected. This is why so many business professionals will yell from the rooftop about how important building an email list is.

A difficulty many businesses can struggle with is growing their email list to help retain customers and keep them excited to return to their storefront. We are going to tackle that topic in this article by delving into 3 categories that explain the pertinence of email marketing lists, the substance in these emails and how to roll them out. We will also touch on a few tips that can be applied to an already created email list to help shake things up. 

Learn about how Kulture Konnect led Jimmy's Famous American Tavern to email marketing success

JFAT Email Marketing Case Study

Email List Core Concepts:

1.) First things first, understanding the relevance of email marketing cannot be overstated. Why? Email marketing is one of the only few marketing tools that is completely independent of other media platforms. Social media, television, radio, live streaming, and search engines are all popular forms of media that businesses use to broadcast their products or services. However, marketers rely on these media channels to broadcast to and help build their audiences, making them dependent on these media channels. This is where Email Marketing can come into play.

Email Marketing creates a marketing channel that is only between the customer and your business. This has massive potential because it's a direct conduit to both current and potential customers who actually want to see news and updates about your products or services. Referring to the statement above, email marketing is independent of major media channels that control the flow and cost of your marketing and advertising efforts. This is why so many business will push to grow their email list.

 A graph showing the results of ROI

2.) Now that we understand why so many are advocating about building Email Marketing Lists, let's get into the type content that gets more customers to join your list. Plain and simple, why should I subscribe to your business or service? This question needs to be at the heart of the content you broadcast through your email channel. Are your products very unique or different? There needs to be a significant reason for people to join your email list.

Graph showing result of email sign ups

Having a quality product or service may not be enough when many others have the same quality or better to offer. The job of every business looking to grow their email list needs to understand their target market and how they can get them excited to engage and join an email list. As a customer, I should have some level of excitement about the products you're offering and how I relate to your business. When I visit your website with an interest in a product or service, I am already voluntarily pursuing your business which lowers the potential of me axing your email list pop up. 

This shouldn't come as a surprise but so many business forget to employ their understanding of their core market and what their core market is looking for. Maybe you offer a professional service that consists of B to B transactions within a particular industry. Than the content provided in your marketing emails should reflect the style, tone, and offerings that your target market is looking for. Tasteful or playful, cool and stylish, maybe professional and clean. Know your target market or go sit inline with all the other organizations that are copying and pasting numerous strategies hoping for results. 

3.) Rolling out your emails is the next big step in progressing the growth and longevity of your Email Marketing List. There are several third party sites that offer online marketing services for rather nominal fees when compared to other marketing mediums. A few top organizations such as Drip.com, MailChimp.com, and ConstantContact.com offer multiple services to help with the implementation of your online marketing presence. These third party businesses are fantastic at creating simple user interfaces that help business manage the content that goes into these emails as well as help with tracking analytics for all of your website's content. 

If you decide to work with a third party organization, a word of caution, make sure these businesses understand your vision or you will fall victim to no direction. Circling back to the second core concept above, when implementing your online marketing strategy, make sure that the processes match the direction you want your business to go. This sounds simple but is often lost in the miscommunication between your business and your online marketing partner. 

Let's Talk Email List Tips

Create Tailored Pop Ups:

  • When prospecting customers visit your website, having a simple design format that matches your target market will pay dividends for helping to create a seamless transition from visitor to subscriber.

Ask for Less:

  • However you decide to present and format the option for your customers to subscribe to your email list, do not ask them for their name, their address, their social security number, their dog's name, their favorite movie, etc.....Keep it simple, a name and an email work wonders or simply just their email.

Give More:

  • Giving your current subscribers awesome content they can use or value is paramount to retaining current customers. Also, creating enticing offers for first time subscribers promotes a call to action and pushes new website visitors to subscribe.

Facilitate Subscriber Engagement:

  • When you want feedback on a particular product or service you can send out quick surveys that offer small discount codes or a cool unique gift for simply engaging. Small incentives will excite your customers to engage with your content.

Don't Sell, Inform and Express:

  • Buy this! Buy now! 50% off. How about no. Do not bombard your customers with constant deals and sales pitches. Sure, let them know about new products but do not flood their inbox with email after email about the latest promotion. Make your emails sincere in their format so they convey the same excitement you have for newest products and services.

Kulture Konnect can help you design an email marketing campaign which conveys the right message through text, visual design and call-to-actions. Email us at info@kulturekonnect.com or contact us (951) 479-5411.

Learn about how Kulture Konnect lead Jimmy's Famous American Tavern to email marketing success

JFAT Email Marketing Case Study

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