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October 31, 2017

HubSpot's User Panel Share's Secrets How to Improve Inbound Marketing

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Since 2005, HubSpot software has been helping businesses around the world with inbound marketing and sales to attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

As HubSpot users, we wanted to learn more about the best practices for inbound marketing, understand the HubSpot software to the fullest, know it like the back of our hand and utilize it for all its worth, which is why we felt the need to attend HubSpot's HUG OC's user group meet up, "Scaling Your Inbound Marketing 10X" held at the Evisions office in Irvine. 

HUG OC's user group panel included, four inbound marketing experts, Ryan Malone, CEO and Founder of SmartBug Media, Alda Quintanilla, Account Executive from New Verticals, Conversica. Two panelists from Orange County based software company, Evisions, Kyle Biniasz, Demand Generation Specialist, and Bobby Nunez, Marketing Operations Specialist of Evisions.

But first, lets talk about what exactly is inbound marketing. For those of you who are not sure what exactly is inbound marketing, this is a technique for drawing customers or consumers to products and services via content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization, which is what makes HubSpot extremely amazing because it's everything all in one and more.

Now that we have a better understanding of inbound marketing, lets jump right back into what HUG OC's user panel had to offer its HubSpot users. If you are currently a HubSpot user or someone that is interested in the software than you'll want to keep reading.

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The Top Key Takeaways from the HUG OC Panel

Hubspot HUG OC Panel

The panel of 4 had plenty of insight to offer to its HubSpot users, but these key points I found to be the most important. So, listen up!

Beginning with CEO and Founder of inbound marketing agency, SmartBug Media, Ryan Malone shared a very crucial tip when understanding your customers, because lets face it! Not everyone understands what their customers or consumers are looking for or what their needs are. The goal is to get their needs met.

"It's a good idea to rank your customers wish list of the level of importance. Conduct a survey with your leads to learn more about them and their needs."

Ryan also explained how growth driven design can help with building your website.

"Growth driven design is a growth adule for marketing. The idea is that when you are building a website or any type of marketing asset you don't have enough information so your goal is not to launch it but to create mechanisms to collect information to make better decisions."

Bobby Nunez, Marketing Operations Specialist from Evisions, touched based on HubSpots customer section. Hubspot offers a free CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for small businesses that will help with your sales funnel and client interaction. From personalized emails, your contacts, sales activity and more. The best part, HubSpot allows you to see your contacts activity across your website and emails. 

Kyle Biniasz, a Demand Generation Specialist from Evisions, knocked it right out of the park.

"I think a lot of us struggle with how to help our sales team close deals. For companies with really high volume deals, but using HubSpot and utilizing landing pages to create a personalized experience with each encounter. Once you have that template in HubSpot it makes it really easy to change it up and create one for each rep. it has all of there information and the company's information. When you have their contact information you can see what they are looking at"

Kyle also made a very important point that no matter what position you might be in, everyone needs to know how to speak to their customers, "As a sales consultant you are speaking to customers all the time, but as a marketer you need to understand how to speak to your customers as well."

Whats New from HubSpot 

Panel member, Alda Quintanilla, and account executive from Ai software, Conversica, dived into the AI (artifical intelligence) conversation. HubSpot has collaborated with Machine Learning Company, Kemvi. How does this impact HubSpot users? HubSpot wants to infuse more data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for its users to master their inbound strategy at scale. I know what you might be thinking... artificial intelligence? Are we talking about robots? HubSpots AI allows you to make decisions based on data points. For example, it's how Amazon, Netflix, and music app Spotify are able to make such on-point recommendations for what you should buy, watch, or listen to based on the users activity.

Alda also revealed that HubSpot just launched new software in different languages including Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese and German. WIth HubSpot's international growth, it is becoming increasingly important to them to meet the needs of their global customers and accessible across the globe.

To register for future HubSpot events in the Orange County area visit HUG OC.

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