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October 19, 2017

Take Advantage of This Free Social Media Marketing Audit For a Limited-of-Time

What is a Social Media Marketing Audit?

A social media marketing audit is an evaluation in terms of where you are in your marketing on your social media channels and where it needs to be. Your custom audit will pinpoint areas for improvement and help you reach more people, receive higher engagement, and more conversions. 

Are your social media channels underperforming? Get down to the source of the problem! Click here for a free Social Media Marketing Audit today!

social media marketing video audit

Reasons For An Audit

Having a cohesive social media presence is a significant and effective part of your marketing strategy. Many times companies do not have the time to effectively manage their social media accounts. This results in sagnant accounts or inconsistent marketing and not enough brand awareness. A social media audit will empower you to understand which areas to focus your resources to receive the best results. 

You will receive valuable feedback from our experts who have the knowledge and understands the difference between how to get leads and why you are losing leads through your social media marketing. 

Who Needs An Audit?

If you find yourself struggling to find value in your social media marketing efforts, then it is in your best interest to have a professional review your channels.

Whether you are frustrated from lack of conversions or feel confident you are losing people in your social sales funnel but cannot figure out why or simply clueless as to how to build a marketing strategy for your social media, we are here to help. 

Our Social Media Marketing Audit Process

For a limited-of-time, Kulture Konnect is offering a free audit to help you pinpoint where your specific improvements could be. Remember, no purchase necessary!

First, simply fill out our social media audit form by clicking here.

This audit will include:

  • a custom screen share video going over your social media platforms.
  • You will receive your video link via email from our team within 48 hours of your submission. 

In this process, you will receive a social media marketing audit including:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Time is running out! Hurry! Make your move today!

FInd out how you can improve your social media marketing! Receive your free Social Media Marketing Audit today!

 social media marketing video audit 

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