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Stay on Top of the Industry as we Present at the 2016 Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo!

Posted by Mark Kenneth B. Herrero on Aug 25, 2016 11:22:41 AM

Western_Foodservice__Hospitality_Expo.jpgATTENTION RESTAURATEURS AND FOOD LOVERS!
Listen to our very own Jorge Pacheco as he unravels the "Science of Menu Design" at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on Sunday, August 28, 2016 at 1:00 pm!


It's that time again! As the Annual Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo nears, we are excited for the opportunity to share our insight and experiences on the food and restaurant industry from a marketing perspective, so be sure to attend!

Get up-to-date with the latest developing trends in the food industry and learn how to inflate profits and slash costs, utilize advanced techniques and bleeding-edge technologies and secure your place in your customers' hearts -- and stomachs!

"What exactly is the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo", you ask? Straight from the belly of the beast itself:

This premier 3-day event encompasses everything you need to master the emerging trends, amp up your profits, energize your business and engage your customers in unique and memorable ways. Join 8,000+ of your peers at the Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo! You'll have access to the hottest menu trends, state of the art design and decor, the best in business education and 500 of the leading vendors and purveyors dedicated to serving the restaurant & foodservice community -- all under one roof! See you there -- August 28-30, 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center!

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Satisfy your craving with tons of flavorful events and sweet features. Learn, share and meet with food experts old and new alike!

The delicious expo features a whole slew of special events and feature areas to satisfy every foodie's, gourmet's and epicure's thirst for knowledge and also with the appetites of the uninitiated! A taste of what's to come:

- Food Trends Experience - a tasting adventure providing direct access to product, flavors and ingredients driving the most recent trends in the market -- it's your fastest and most convenient way to see, taste, discover and learn about the culinary innovations that will inspire creative and fresh menu ideas, delight customers and drive profits!

- Culinary Demonstration Theater - an educational, interactive and entertaining area for restaurant and foodservice professionals who want to stay abreast of what's hot and fresh in the food world.

- New Product Showcase - the area for the showcase has been expanded this year to better give you the first look on the most advanced and innovative products in the industry!

- Culinary Clash: Battle LA - The entree of the expo! Featuring restaurant heavyweights cooking it out against each other to win the ultimate prize!

That is but a sip off the whole pot! Make sure to register to gain access to the above plus a whole lot more! Existing members of the California Restaurant Association (like us!) will also receive complimentary admissions.

Learn from leading experts in the industry! Get everything you need to know from products and ingredients, to relationship-building and marketing!

Want a bite at what the experts' at the expo have in the fridge for us? Well, look no further than our very own Mr. Jorge Pacheco! Jorge will be sharing his own experiences and knowledge to discuss one of the most important topics involved in successfully running a restaurant business: the menu!

Mr. Jorge studied architecture but moved to a career in graphic design where he found his true calling. He opened a marketing design studio with his life partner in 2005 and began collaborating with entities of the restaurant industry like Fuzio Bistro, Las Brisas and Jimmy's Famous American Tavern where he assisted them with marketing efforts not only from just menus but also with email, social media and in-store collaterals as well!

In his talk he will discuss ten strategies that are shared amongst most kinds of menus, from traditional menus to menu boards and wine lists; all in the pursuit of generating more revenue for your businesses. Sweet!

This will all boil down to menu engineering, which deals in the study of menu profitability and menu item performance: He will also explain the ingredients of menu engineering which consists of costing your menu, grouping and categorizing of menu items.

He will then go on to serve you some examples of common but costly mistakes that can throw your menu off the tables! Finally he will end up with showing you how to avoid these mistakes and cook your menu the right way! 

Remember: his talk will be on the first day (August 28th) at 1pm!

Be sure to attend the expo and support us! We will also be recording the event live on our Facebook page and also through Periscope! Have any questions and hungry for answers? Order at the comments below!

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