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Successful Social Media Campaigns: 5 Surefire Signs Your Efforts are Working

Posted by Shruti Kapadia on Mar 7, 2017 8:30:00 AM



As a business, you are on a mission to measure your social media efforts and deliver its success. There are several indications that your social media efforts are working, naturally some are more effective than others. There's a little more to it than noticing your social media notifications going off every five seconds. Even though it might be great feeling to know you are receiving engagement on your social media channels we want to make sure you are focusing on the right signs.

So, how do you know if it’s working? Here are 5 sure signs that will tell you if you’re bombing or killing it. 

1] Feedback

Interactions, fella, interaction. Yes, the key to doing great on social media is when people interact with you and your brand. Human touch is so limited these days that  it is treated as a luxury. That is why we give great tips to people who give us good service at a restaurant. But how do you replicate that on social media? Simple. Try to  give the same high quality   service. If your customers are happy and are interacting with you frequently, it means you’re definitely taking good care of them and sharing what matters to them. Social media is the only kind of marketing that deeply connects the brand directly to the customers. Hence, good feedback is like a big check. 

2] The Metrics

By metrics, I mean numbers. Measure everything that matters, such as likes, comments, shares or any other reactions. Total your reactions and see if your numbers exceed that from your previous quarter. A good place to look for growth in your numbers is  Facebook Insights. It gives a detailed analysis  of what the response has been on your brand page based on age, gender, and location. Measuring your insights is a good way to track your progress on social media. 

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3] ROI (Return on Investment) or Sales

You can tell your strategy has gained people's interests if you see a jump in sales. Compare your sales chart and you will know if the increase is due to your social media efforts. Another way would be to take feedback from your real-time customers. Ask them how  did they discover your brand? Was it through social media channels or word of mouth?  This will help you analyze what your next marketing goal must focus on. 

4] Website traffic

Another way to determine if your strategy is working is to check your Google Analytics for traffic that your social media channels are bringing. If you have more visitors from your social media than organic, that tells you that people are noticing your work on social media and are interested in knowing more about your brand. 

5]  When your Plate is full

You know your social media strategy has worked if your plate is full of tasks to do  and you feel like you  might need  another pair of hands. If you see an increase  in your likes, comments, shares, metnions or retweets it means users are drawn towards the content of your page and your job as a responsder just doubled. 


Lastly, if you feel your social media is not going in the direction you anticipated, you can compare the numbers of all your posts and see which ones got a better reach or engagement and what did you do so   it performed that way.

Did you write down all the signs that indicate  your social media efforts are working? Great! Now let’s start measuring it. Below is a free  toolkit that will help you measure your progress perfectly and look for the numbers that matter. Also, the toolkit  includes a FREE bonus social media report template. 

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