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Jorge Pacheco
October 16, 2019

Supreme Court won't hear Domino's case


Hi, my name is Jorge Pacheco with Kulture Konnect Branding and Digital Marketing,
and today we want to talk about the most recent news about the Domino's vs. Robles case.

In June, Domino's Pizza petitioned the US Supreme Court to overturn a Ninth Circuit decision where the pizza giant was told to make their website and ordering application accessible to all. This started to give a lot of hope to many businesses, big and small alike, because the job of making a website ADA Compliant is not only big, but can also be very, very expensive.

So, what's the big news about this? Well, last week the Supreme Court denied Domino's petition to hear their case leaving in place a lower court decision against the company. The decision not to hear the case is a loss for Domino's and businesses in general since ADA guidelines for websites are are unclear, but it definitely is a win for disability advocates. On the bright side, this case could help determine the extent to which businesses must make their websites and applications accessible.

So, now, more than ever, we can say that making your website accessible is an urgent matter for businesses. It is not a matter of “if,” but of “when” you'll get served. Take action and minimize your risk. If getting sued is not enough incentive, think of the five thousand dollars in tax credit you could qualify for (we've talked about this in other videos.

So make sure to check them out on our blog). In the meantime, scan your website now! Go to ADA.KultureKonnect.com for a free scan. Thank you.


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