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Niki Pacheco
July 19, 2016

Trump Logo FAIL!

trump logo failedOur past logo fail post has been very popular so we could not pass up the opportunity to showcase one of the most recent fails that happened in such a public spotlight. Putting all political views aside, when the republican nominating committee unveiled the new logo for Trump-Pence in a fundraising email, the public exploded with hilarious puns of the very graphic "t" penetrating the "p".  The new logo features  Akzidenz Grotesk Bold Extended as the font for Trump and Pence and FF Meta Bold for the "Make America Great Again" slogan. It uses the iconic red, white and blue color scheme of the United States. When first looking at this logo, it is hard to miss the phallic image of the T plunging into the P and the public caught on very fast and began to tweet as soon as it was released last Friday.

Some of the funnier tweets include:



This one was hilarious!



And the #1 best tweet... (don't try this at home kids)

The publicity disaster was so public that a popular logo design contest site created a project out of it. With over 125 submissions, they got serious entries that could very well be Trump's campaign logo...

trump pence logos


But they got the funny ones, mostly poking fun at Trump's infamous hair or the fact that TP usually refers to a necessary accessory in the bathroom: Toilet Paper...


trump pence different logos


Overall, this provided such entertainment for the social media community! Especially for a design studio like ours! It in not clear which company designed the Trump logo for him but they really might have done this on purpose, and if they did, how did Trump's team not catch it? 

But alas... all the fun and games are over now. Looks like the Trump team has done a quick rebrand and landed on this less-than-exciting logo for the rest of the election. 

trump pence logo


In Conclusion

If you want a logo that can be viewed in the public without being censored, you better rely on the professionals. Professionals that care about you and your brand!

Are you seeking professionals to design your logo? Or rebrand your business? Contact us here: http://www.kulturekonnect.com/contacts/

For a glimpse of our work visit us here: Kulture Konnect Portfolio

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