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Shruti Kapadia
January 05, 2017

New Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

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In 2016, we witnessed some of the biggest social media news and trends that ruled the internet. Now that 2017 has rolled around, I definitely believe this will be the year of social media technology. What I mean is social media will take the next leap into technology from augmented and virtual reality to live streaming,. Don't forget SnapChat Spectacles that has the ability to record videos and artificial intelligence (AI) assistants. Social media technology has and will continue to dominate our workspace, homes, and even new vehicles.

Let’s take a look at what new social media trends are in store for 2017.


1.) Video 2.0

If you haven't already noticed, 2016 focused widely on videos. This trend will continue into 2017. Think of it as 2017 Videos 2.0! Facebook alone has reported that an astonishing 100 million hours of daily video is watched by it's users. One example, with viral trends such as the #MannequinChallenge and #ALS Ice Bucket challenge, videos have had a new milestone. The challenge here is to create content that immediately strikes the cord and is shared instantly. Another example, have you noticed something different about your Facebook Messenger App? It now offers a SnapChat like feature where you can also share video or photos to your Facebook friends. This is living proof that video isn't going to disappear anytime soon.


2.) LIVE has Taken a 360

Our society has the need to go LIVE. Social media users really enjoy LIVE video. With platforms  such as Facebook LIVE, Periscope, Snapchat, Instagram LIVE and Instagram Stories, in 2017 you will witness more LIVE 360. This includes Facebook, YouTube LIVE 360 and possibly other platforms will join in on the trend.

Everything you want to share is possible whether it's something as silly as your cat trying to walk on it's hind legs or having your dog participate in the new social media challenge of 2017.

Businesses have increased their social media investments over the last decade and focused less on TV and radio advertising. I believe there's a chance Facebook could use LIVE video as another feature where users will be allowed to boost their LIVE videos. Brands feel the need to connect with their consumers and hence the fact we as a marketing firm have experienced a rise in customer relationship management through social media. Though Facebook has the highest number of users, the highest engagement will be that of LIVE stories.


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3.) Interactive Content 

Text content will no longer be enough. One thing I strongly believe is that interactive content such as moving images, video and audio such as podcasts will dominate social media in 2017. With apps including Boomerang and their partnership with Instagram these fun apps will not only be moving images, but will continue to advance with possible audio.   

4.) Influencer Marketing

With an increase of brands trying to connect directly with the masses, the need for influencers who are the social media celebrities for these masses have seen a rise. Whether you are a fashion brand, a tech company or a restaurant, people rely on views and reviews and that comes with a popular blogger and influencer who can take your brand out in the open. Brand promotions will still play a huge impact if executed well with the right influencers. 


How does this all affect you and your business? Staying on top of current social media trends is a must! Your business needs to continue to evolve with today's trends or you will be left behind. Social media has had a major impact on the business world today and will continue to in 2017. The best thing you can do is to be alert and pay attention to new social media platforms, features and if you have to do your research then please do so. Don't miss your opportunity to jump on a popular trend because chances are it could very well benefit you. 

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