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Shruti Kapadia
August 24, 2017

4 Things to Consider to Improve Your Facebook Ads

Facebook ads

Advertising on social media has been a topic of debate across many marketing platforms. But the most important thing to focus on here is that advertising will always help your brand to get noticed. Your product/service is competing with millions of other products on a person's newsfeed every single day. We hate to break it to you, but you 'gotta pay to play.'

Think of advertising as an investment and not a luxury. Facebook ads are an investment. If you’re a beginner, you may not see quick results. But over a period of time, you will begin building a new audience for your brand. In a world where brands are bidding for a few seconds on a customer's timeline, doing it right is not just an option; it is a need.

Here are some of the reasons you might not be getting the expected results with Facebook ads:

1. You’re Not Choosing the Right Objective For Your Ad

What do you want your audience to do when they see your ad? Are you trying to get more views? Are you trying to get leads? Do you want email sign-ups?

Choosing the right objective for your ad is a must when it comes to Facebook ads, as your results will vary depending on the goal you select.

2. Does Your Creativity Talk? 

Another important step to keep in mind before you start with an ad is to create a mock ad. Highlight the things you would like to showcase in your ad image or video. Advertisers are constantly battling for creativity that catches people’s eyes. If your image or video is not interesting enough and it is just highlighting your products and service, people will not interact with your ad. Make it visibly appealing with decent use of colors and graphics. If you’re making a video ad, make sure the lighting is good, the video is clear and steady. It's a good idea to add text since it has been found to generate more video views. (source: Social Media Examiner

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3. Is It Thumb-Stopping?

Once you have a creative take on your video or image, it’s time to get creative with your ad copy or text. Your text has to do some justice to what your image/video says. If you’re sharing an offer with your customers, highlight the offer in the image. Try and keep the copy of the ad as simple and interesting with good images and creative headlines. 

Jimmys famous tavern

This ad showcases a tempting image, highlighting the deal, offering value in terms of location and popularity and creating a resonance of popular food pairings. Three strong reasons for customers to press the ‘Share’ button.

Courtesy: www.j-fat.com

4. Are You Choosing the Right Audience? 

Eventually everything boils down to who your ad is targeting. Your choice of audience will yeild results. Targeting your ad based on demographics such as age, gender and location will give you more flexibility with the text and image. A local ad for people living in a city will create a personal touch. Filtering your target audience by interest is another way to target your ads to the right people who will show an interest in your product. Facebook has a wide variety of targeting options. Choose from the suggestions and your ad will get the desired results.

sanskarteaching video ad

Targeting this particular ad to Gujaratis and Indians living in the United States created a nostalgic effect that resulted in 86 shares.

Courtesy: www.sanskarteaching.com

These are four ways you can up your Facebook ads game. Once your ad meets the criteria, it is sure to drive results and get your brand noticed amongst the chaos on people’s newsfeed.

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