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Shruti Kapadia
August 16, 2018

How to Attract Millennials to Your Winery Using Social Media

Friends enjoying glass of wine

According to Wine & Vines, wine sales in the United States are approaching $62 billion annually, and millennials are consuming an estimated 42 percent of it. So, there is definitely a potential to make sales here. In this blog post we are looking at 7 ways social media can help bring in millennials to your winery.

Wine is taking over the drinking game just like social media has taken over TV & News. It's no surprise that millennials are attracted to reds, whites and pinks whether its comes in bottles, plastic or even cans. They want to enjoy a wine after a stressful day and unwind with their friends and family. Sure, they can go to restaurants but did you know they prefer to drink wine at home more often?

According to Modern Restaurant Management64 percent of Americans are more likely to drink wine at home than at a restaurant and that area my good friend must be tapped!

Let's see how social media can help your winery attract more millennials:

1. Content is Attraction

Tell your story. Family breweries have so much history. Nothing attracts millennials like a historic rundown of your experience and how your wine business came into the picture. Blast it out on social media and watch it spread. Content is and will always be the king. Use content that resonates with their likes that will lead to curiosity and engagement. Good quality videos are your friend. Post them at least once a week!

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2. Offers

Attractive offers, free samples or discounted wine club memberships, are the key to attracting more millennials. Why? Who doesn't like saving money? Sure this generation will spend on a really good wine once in a while but it's always a pleasure to save a few bucks. Post your offers on social media. Facebook has a specially created offers tab that you can use, that will also help you track people who have saved or used the offer.

3. UGC

Your guests are your mascots. If you already have a decent and loyal following, let them be an insider and adapt ways to integrate User Generated Content on your social media platforms, which in simple words is just sharing content that your guests have produced. Repost their content on different channels and credit them. This will add a personal touch to your posts and your guests will feel special and connected.

4. Be Where They Are

Most of the millennials use platforms like Instagram, YouTube & Snapchat, so don't look at just one medium of communication, spread it out and be on every platform that your audience is on. You don't have to specifically produce different content for each platform but strategically placing and publishing them will do wonders.

5. Use Different Types of Targeted Ads

If you've fallen prey to the decline in organic reach and have decided to invest in paid social media ads then it's time to focus more on Who, When and How, you will target these ads? You want to show your ads to people who are most likely interested in your product and will engage with your brand at some level. Filter your 'Interests', 'Demographics' etc. to reach your potential target audience.

6. Promote Tours

If you have a winery estate tour experience use that to attract people to your winery and let your mesmerizing wines do the rest. Millennials are always looking for new things, places and activities to do and this is something that most of them will enjoy and they can give it as a gift to their friends or partner. Promote the different products and services you offer along with posts about wine. Remember it's the experience that counts.

7. Influencer Marketing

It's 2018, influencers are social media celebs and most of them have a massive loyal following. You don't necessarily need someone with millions of followers but you definitely need someone who has a niche following of the kind of audience who are interested in what you have to offer. Contact a local food critic, a wine sommelier, a traveler or even a lifestyle blogger. They will increase your online exposure with their following. We know budget plays an important part here, but there are many influencers who are delighted to work for you in exchange for goods. Gift them a few of your recommended wine selections, give them and their family and friends a free tour of your winery. Giving is receiving after all!

These are some new and improved ways to attract the Uber cool generation to your winery. Tell us what drawbacks do you face while promoting your establishment and we will be happy to help. Leave your comments below.

Not sure how to stretch your marketing dollars? 

Here are 10 things to cut from your restaurant marketing that will help free some of those dollars up.

10 things to cut from your restaurant marketing

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