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Niki Pacheco
May 02, 2017

The 5 Biggest DON'TS on Your Restaurant Rebranding Checklist

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Its been 6 months leading up to this big day! You couldn't sleep all night thinking about today and what would happen if your giant rebrand project launched into the eyes of the public.  You have crossed your "t"s and dotted your "i"s  and it is time to soak in all the praise and accolades!  But wait,  you think to yourself, did I make sure all 300 employees have been fully onboarded into the new rebranding program? *GASP!*...  turn-on-panic-mode NOW!

We have been through quite a few rebrand projects over the years and these are the top 5 things that most business executives struggle with during the painful tides of change. So, we are hoping that if you become aware of these BIG No-No's ahead of time, there will be a better chance  of a smooth  transition in your near future.

1. Do not get nostalgic

Change is difficult for everyone, but it will be counter productive if you fight change during the rebranding process. According to google, Nostalgia means "a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations." This sentimental longing oftentimes will put the brakes on a project for no logical reason. It is better to go about a rebrand like pulling off a band aid slightly painful but quick.

2. Do not move forward without a clear vision and plan

A rebrand of a restaurant has many intricacies that need to be addressed for a smooth launch. The rebranding checklist can help with that, but before tackling the checklist, take some time to map out the path. This will keep everyone on track during the sometimes difficult process.

>> Are you gearing up for a company-wide rebrand? Download this FREE REBRANDING CHECKLIST to get you started!


3. Do not focus solely on a new logo

Rebrands must be done thoroughly. If treated like a cheap facelift, your customers will not be impressed. They may actually become confused and frustrated! A rebrand must encompass internal staff, external marketing efforts, social media and so much more that is illustrated in this restaurant rebranding checklist.

4. Do not ignore your restaurant's origins

Restaurants always have a story behind them. This is what drives the brand's character and get the guests excited. Figure out the strengths behind the origins and use them during the rebrand process. Incorporate these strengths to show how much you value your current brand value.

5. Do not forget to look at things from your customer's perspective

They are the ones sitting at the tables, they are the ones experiencing your customer service, they are the ones that expect to be treated well. So, why not ask their opinion on things? They will be the best people to tell you what the restaurant's strength and weaknesses are and this is invaluable for a successful rebrand.

Now that you know what NOT to do, be sure to download this FREE Restaurant Rebranding Checklist today to get started! It will provide you with valuable insights  to help identify and streamline the  look and function and  define  your positioning statement, visions and mission

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Are you gearing up for a company-wide rebrand?

Download this FREE REBRANDING CHECKLIST to get you started!

Rebranding Checklist

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