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Shruti Kapadia
August 23, 2018

Restaurant Marketing Expert and KK's CO Founder at Western Food Expo

Jorge as a guest speaker

The Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo in Downtown Los Angeles was nothing less than amazing. Kulture Konnect had the pleasure of attending both Sunday events and Tuesday events. A BIG shout out to The Reef Restaurant for their Culinary Clash win! It was wonderful to see all of our colleagues from the California Restaurant Association! They do a spectacular job of hosting all of their members and making them feel like VIP. From coffee companies to beverage companies to chefs to restaurant owners. You name it, anyone in the food and beverage industry was in sight. The expo offered a variety of special events and featured education areas to help businesses in the food industry become more educated and more profitable.

Busy crowd in an expo

An image showing people inside the food expo

Cup of coffee on a wooden table

Kulture Konnect is no stranger to the restaurant industry as we have enjoyed working with restaurants for the past 13 years. Kulture Konnect's co-founder and creative director Jorge Pacheco, had the opportunity to return for a second time to present and touch on the popular topic of social media and how restaurants can benefit from social media marketing. 

In this day in age, where we have replaced our morning coffee with checking our social media, it is only relevant that businesses realize the importance of including social media in their marketing strategy.

Social media is not an option anymore. Your customers are spending hours and hours everyday watching videos on Facebook, liking Instagram photos, Snap Chatting fun filters and connecting with businesses and professionals alike on LinkedIn. Social media has become a  huge part of marketing and is something that your business must include while planning for strategies.

Jorge explaining how to create great content

Here are a few important tips that Jorge covered in this presentation:

1] The significance of each social media platform and why it would make sense for restaurants to be on more than 1 platform.

2] He also broke down the strategy of content creation and ideas that are relevant to each platform.

3] How audience building and response management play an important role in increasing your social media exposure.

4] Why planning in advance can help you in creating social media plans in just 30 minutes or less.

At the end of Jorge's presentation, he was delighted to answer audience questions and gave solutions to a few hurdles that have crossed many restaurant owners.

Jorge was thanked by a satisfied audience who felt their queries were answered and opened their eyes to the possibility of investing more time and efforts to their social media marketing.

More Educational Social Media Expert Tips to Come

As a continuation to Jorge's presentation on social media, he will also be hosting a FREE Live Webinar for Restaurateurs who want to dive into understanding social media metrics and learn more about which metrics could help make a positive impact on your ROI. You are invited to join today. Register for this webinar, Restaurants 101: How to Analyze Your Social Media Metrics Like a Marketing Pro here.

social media metrics cover.002

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