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Niki Pacheco
April 26, 2016

What is a Landing Page and Why are They So Important?

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You have worked very hard on your online marketing campaign and you have probably gotten thousands of visitors to your site. But the campaign does not end there; you now have to convert those guests into real leads, and the perfect way to do that is through a landing page. Unfortunately, most firms are still not utilizing landing pages effectively and it is likely because they do not understand their importance on lead generation.

A landing page is direct, short and to the point. The page in some way forces visitors to focus on your main message and agree to provide you with some important information in exchange for a particular offer. Creating an effective and simple landing page is the easiest way to convert your visitors into real leads which is what you are hoping to achieve with your marketing campaign.


What is the difference between a landing page and a regular page?

A regular page however is a different tool than a landing page of a website. A landing page is for general use and does not look like a landing page even though the two can be of the same domain. Regular pages include pages like: Home page, About us page, contact us page and so on. Landing pages on the other hand are developed to drive traffic for a particular marketing objective. The intent of a landing page is to make the visitor focus on the main objective of the page such a sign up process and so on. No other options, no distractions. Just that. It is simply there to inform and get the visitor to take an action that is noted.


New Call-to-action


Here are reasons why creating and utilizing landing pages is crucial to your firm’s marketing strategy


You will capture your visitors’ contact details.

Using a landing page allows you to engage your visitors via coupons or free trials and in exchange receive their contact details. This way you will have important information for potential leads who are interested in your services or products. It will be very easy for you follow up with them once you get their contact details.


You can enhance your visitor traffic.

Because landing pages can be accessed from various marketing strategies such as referrals, websites, advertisements, email and social media, you will be able to target potential clients through various ways. The more online marketing tactics you utilize and direct them to your landing page, the more visitors you are likely to reach hence leading to a higher potential of real sales.


You get real rewards for your marketing offers.

Of course it is always important to provide appealing offers to your visitors; you market your company while still expecting to make a few sales out of it. However if you set up the offers landing pages, you will convince your clients to exchange their contact details with you so as to get the offer, and this is very valuable for a business than any other promotional tactic.


They provide you with market research.

The more data you have about your market, the better you can hone your marketing strategies. You may be slightly off when it comes to your target client’s range, profession, geographical location and age range and not even know it. Landing pages allow you to get this type of data so that you scrutinize it and know which types of market are worth targeting in the future.


It is the lifeblood of online advertising.

A landing page has one targeted specific goal in mind: To generate real leads. The page is essential to your inbound promotional techniques; it is designed to capture potential leads by collecting personal data. Do not allow your clients to slip away before you convert them into leads. A landing page will help you hone your marketing tactics, sales strategies and future plans so as to enhance your conversion rate, improve profits and generate more sales.


Final Thoughts

A landing page is very vital in today’s online driven market. The page gives you an opportunity to turn your visitor’s interest in your offer into leads. When a visitor lands on a landing page, it is because something in the content you created stimulated them to want more information about your product or service. The question is when they click through, are you ready to deliver that offer that will make them want to take one more step and give you their contact details? Here is a link to some statistics on the importanc of landing pages


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