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Jorge Pacheco
July 28, 2022

10 ways to increase lead generation with your website redesign

Man pointing on the screen at leads in text with different icons  on the sideA website redesign is an incredible chance to significantly boost your business’s online lead generation—but only when done correctly. After all, a website redesign isn’t just a little cosmetic touch-up to your business’s website, it’s a complete overhaul. Website redesigns involve altering various elements of your site, such as the coding, structure, visuals, and content. It might seem like a lot of work, but it can significantly pay off.

In fact, a website redesign can allow companies to employ fresh new strategies to better attract and retain their target audience, therefore increasing both lead generation and the overall success of your brand’s online performance.

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There’s no one set answer regarding how often you should do a website redesign. Some industries change at break-neck speeds and require more frequent overhauls than compared to other niches. However, as a general rule, consider undergoing a website redesign about once every couple of years. That’s because a lot can change in two or three years, such as industry trends or the target market you’re trying to reach, so updating your website to reflect those changes is essential. The last thing you want is for your business’ website to appear outdated and ineffective compared to your competitors. 

So, you know you have to complete a website redesign. But there’s a lot of different elements to think about during a website redesign, especially if you want yours to be effective at bringing in visitors and convincing them to stay. Luckily, we’ve compiled the ten best tips for genuinely increasing lead generation during your next website redesign, to ensure success for your business. Keep reading to uncover the ways to avoid headaches and embrace success for your online performance!

10 ways to increase lead generation; Benchmark your metrics, determine your goals Find successful marketing channels, Complete a website asset inventory, Analyze the competition, Develop your  UVP, Research your target audience, create an SEO Strategy, craft your CTA, Refine your Content Strategy. KULTUREKONNECT

Benchmark Your Metrics

Stop. Before you even get started thinking about what to change during a website redesign, make sure to carefully analyze your existing site. Metrics such as bounce rate, SEO ranking for prime keywords, and domain authority are all important to benchmark–but you can read about more metrics to pay attention to here

Determine Your Goals

Website redesign goals shouldn’t just focus on looks or layout; rather, your goals should clearly consider what experience it will provide to visitors. By tying your goals to specific, measurable results, you’ll be able to create a more refined site and increase lead generation. 

Find Successful Marketing Channels

Make your marketing investments work smart—and bring in more leads–by identifying your best-performing marketing channels. Social media, email campaigns, and content marketing can all be analyzed in terms of visits, leads, and acquisition, so you can see what channels are performing great, and what needs a little TLC. 

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Complete a Website Asset Inventory

Your website is made up of a lot of different parts and pieces–don’t lose those essential bits during a website redesign! Inventory all your assets, such as inbound links, most trafficked pages, and most shared content, in order to keep your highest-performing content and continue engaging with your customers. 

Analyze the Competition

While it’s never good to obsess over your competitor’s results, keeping an eye on the competition can help you stay up-to-date on current industry trends and ensure your website stands out. Figure out ways you can improve and differentiate yourself positively from other companies, so that more viewers will select your services. 

Develop Your UVP

An effective UVP will immediately tell customers why your services are right for them, which can significantly improve your lead conversion rates. If it’s a strong UVP, customers will gladly stay—but if it’s bad, they’ll run straight to your competitors. Be clear and direct with your purpose!

Research Your Target Audience

A website redesign isn’t for you-–it’s for your target market. After all, they’re the ones (hopefully) using your services. By defining your ideal customer and targeting them with relevant content, they’ll be more likely to stay, boosting lead generation and conversion rates. 

Create an SEO Strategy

Optimize your site to bring even more visitors in off of search engines. After all, if no one is coming to your site, it’s hard to make conversions. Determine your SEO keywords, utilize on-page SEO tactics, and prepare your whole website redesign for SEO to truly improve lead generation. 

Craft Your CTA

The right CTA can guide website visitors into taking genuine action—-signing up for a newsletter, contacting staff, or even buying a product. Using the right phrasing can result in increased engagement, especially when a CTA is linked to an incentive that appeals to the audience. 

Refine Your Content Strategy

By creating a cohesive content strategy for your website redesign, you can increase lead generation by developing content directly valuable to your target audience. Starting a blog and doing some light PR can help bring visitors to your site, and the well-crafted content can incentivize them to further engage. Using gated landing pages to hide some of the most appealing content can also help motivate visitors to take action on your site. 


These 10 crucial tips can help ensure your website redesign heads on the path towards success, right from the start. Boost lead generation, increase conversions, and restructure your website to achieve its optimal performance yet!


11 Step Checklist to Make Your Website Your #1 Salesperson

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