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Shruti Kapadia
September 06, 2022

5 Myths That Could Cause a Social Media Crisis

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Without an understanding of social media It's fairly easy to assume several things. What you might think is an indication of social media success or a social media fact could very well be wrong. If you are a marketer or business owner who utilizes social media, it's imperative to understand the facts and what's a flat out assumption about social media. Blindly going about your social media based on what you've heard versus research could ultimately cause a social media crisis, which in all matters could hinder your growth.

So, what are some important things that we know of social media and what are common myths that need to be debunked? Let’s get the facts straight! And dive into exposing these social media myths.
  • MYTH: I Need to Be Everywhere on Social Media - Many  brand marketers feel in order to do social media right, they have to be present on all the online platforms. According to Hootsuite,  42 percent of online youth aged 15 to 17 use Twitter whereas 82 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds online use Facebook. Your preferences for social media will differ based on your target demographic, which means every social media platform will not be able to connect you to your customers.

  • MYTH: More Followers Means Success - Your followers and likes will not determine the success of your social media efforts. For example, on a platform like Facebook, despite having 10,000 fans, your posts organically reach only 1-2% of those fans. Whereas on platforms like Twitter or Instagram, the reach of  your posts among your followers will be higher. More followers is a good add-on, but it is engagement and conversions that  are most important.

  • MYTH: Social Media is Like Every Other Type of Marketing - Social media is different from traditional marketing. It is a two-way marketing. It is spontaneous. For an era where drive-thrus are ‘it’ and free delivery is a boon, social media acts as the superhero who is there to solve all your problems in no time. According to Hubspot, 90% of Americans who contact brands through social media for customer service-related issues believe social media has made it convenient to get questions answered and issues resolved.

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  • MYTH: The Same Strategy and Budget Works for Every Social Media Platform - Every social media platform is different. A beautiful picture will get you good engagement on Instagram, whereas a witty tweet will get you good retweets on Twitter. Every social media platform works differently and attracts a different kind of audience and so it requires a different budget. On a platform like Instagram where your posts can organically reach more  people with the use of proper hashtags, the need for paid posts is lower than that on Facebook, which requires more ad spending, as there is a slim chance of your posts reaching your audience organically.
  • MYTH: Conversions Drive Sales - “I am getting so many likes and comments and people are sharing my posts too, but that is not reflecting in my sales.” You might have heard this from a lot of clients. It’s common to think that since your audience is interacting with you and sharing your content that sales will increase.  The reason your engagement rate increases is that your content is likable and shareable, but that will not guarantee conversions. Lead generation takes a lot of time and effort. The way you communicate and solve your customers' queries and complaints can make or break your social media game.

  • MYTH: Posting is Getting Social - There’s a reason it’s called ‘social’ media. It requires you to go online and socialize. That is, connect with your followers and engage with them. Many brands make the mistake of thinking the act of posting content every day is what social media is all about. I hate it to break it to them, but it’s not true. A brand that just sells on social media will be looked upon by a brand that connects and engages with its customers. It’s good to have various tools to posts for you when you’re away, but the entire point of doing social media revolves around the fact that it allows you to communicate and connect with your customers. So get social!

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